Sunday, 30 September 2012

We must be wary of any funding by Soros to local organisations

Some in Malaysia say that any foreign fund for organisations in Malaysia  if not against the law is OK (well some people are naive aren't they) anyway a Minister in our Cabinet also agreed so long as the fund is not used against the Gomen or perhaps matters of National security I presume. 

I would agree with what the Minister say but we have to be wary of funding from people or organisation overseas which have a track record of destabilising Governments all over the world. One such individual is Soros and his foundation which was found to have given money to rabidly anti BN Gomen internet portal Malaysiakini and of course SUARAM which have been making much empty noise about the Scorpene deal:

Read the full article in Forbes here
You see even the US Gomen is very worried about Soros's ventures overseas as people may equate it with the US's own foreign policy. There are already backlashes against Soros's foreign policy which is causing harm to the very stability of Governments in Central Asia and Eastern Europe, and by the way the SUARAM and Malaysiakini is going after the Gomen, one wonders if the funding by Soros has a hand in all these non constructive criticism against the current Malaysian Government by the organisations funded by Soros or his funding vehicle.

Well if anybody think that Soros is a nice fella, its your choice but when asked whether he felt responsible for his role in the 1997 East Asian currency crash, Soros famously responded: "As a market participant, I don't need to be concerned with the consequences of my actions". This man has a heart of stone.

You know this guy and his gang of currency speculators made many Asians poor and destitute during the 1997 crash and he does not give two hoots about what he had done. He is now back in Asia after 15 years, not to help spread democracy but to spread political instability, damned we are a freer democratic country than many so called democratic countries on this planet.

I say we must have the Foreign Agent Registration Act enacted to supervise the political activities of many organisations in Malaysia who are funded by foreigners,  especially for those like Soros's who make no bones about interfering in other countries' domestic affairs.

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