Thursday, 27 September 2012

It is time for FARA to come to our shores

I think enough talking, its about time that the Gomen get up and take notice of foreign funding for our so called NGOs.

First we listen to what the "learned" opposition centric Bar Council President has to say:

Malaysian Bar president Lim Chee Wee said there was nothing wrong to receive funding from abroad.

Malaysia government, he pointed out, had received foreign funding before and Malaysian individuals as well as organisations had also given money abroad.

"So long, it complies with the law of the country. It is as simple as that.

"Today, there is no legislation prohibits foreign funding...there is nothing sinister about foreign funding," he said at the launch of the 2012 Malaysia International Law Conference today.
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Blogger Hantu Laut gave Chee Wee the somewhat naive Bar President a scolding:

The Bar Council chief Lim Chee Wee again made a fool of himself by saying there is nothing sinister about foreign funding. How would he know.

As a lawyer it would be better for him to confine himself to matters of law. 

Just like they don't teach you the pitfalls of the business world in business schools, they also don't teach you the academic of espionage, covert operations and regime change in law schools.

I do agree not all foreign funding have bad intention but accepting their formal benefaction leaves you open to be a cat's paw when the benefactor decide to call on your gratitude.
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Here is a comment from The Star:

Pussy Riot and our foreign-funded NGOs



"Imagine the repercussions if such a group entered a mosque, church, or a Hindu or Buddhist temple in Malaysia to similarly “express their freedom”.
People who commit such acts in the US or in most European countries would also be arrested, charged and jailed, so what’s the big deal about these women?
For one thing, they seem to have powerful backers, in the form of the US National Endowment for Democracy.
Yes, the same entity supporting Bersih and Suaram, which is now being probed over its sources of foreign funding.
According to, Pussy Riot and Voina have open links to the NED through Oksana Chelysheva, who is deputy executive director of the Russian-Chechen Friendship Society funded by the NED and George Soros-funded outfits.
The NED was created in 1983, seemingly as a non-profit-making organisation to promote human rights and democracy but as its first president Allen Weinstein admitted to The Washington Post in 1991, a lot of what it does overtly used to be done covertly by the CIA.
In the words of ex-CIA officer Ralph McGeehee, it subsidises and influences elections, political parties, think tanks, academia, publishers, media and labour, religious, women’s and youth groups.
Russia has since introduced a new Bill to label NGOs that get foreign funds and are involved in politics as “foreign agents”, with their accounts subject to public scrutiny.
Paul Craig Roberts, a former Assistant Secretary of the Treasury, says the US, too, has laws which require foreign interests to register as foreign agents but this does not always apply to all Israeli lobby groups.
“There are no political parties in the US that are funded by foreign interests. No such thing would be permitted. It would be regarded as high treason,” he was quoted as saying by Pravda.
So, if outsiders are not allowed to fund and interfere in US politics, why should we allow its agencies to meddle in ours?"
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Blogger Outsyedthebox has a wonderful idea:

I don't know about Hisham ever waking up though [actually I given up on Hisham a long time ago] but I sure as hell support Tuan Syed's suggestion:

FARA [Foreign Agent Registration Act] was passed in the US seven decades ago in order to inform the American government and the public on the identity of persons who are behind propaganda conducted by foreign-aided NGOs. Russia has passed similar legislation. 

Folks, nothing new here? The Americans are munafiks. They passed their FARA Act 74 years ago in 1938.  It was the Americans, and NOT Vladimir Putin, who labelled foreign NGOs as "foreign agents".

So can Malaysia also have the same Law as the United States of Americky and Russia?   

We need a FARA too. Tak payah pikir panjang - just photocopy the American Law, tukar nama sikit (katakanlah  "Akta Pendaftaran Agen Asing"  or APA) and get it passed in Parliament.

We cannot have the CIA, the MI6, the NSA, the Stiftungs and all the other satans freely funding their treachorous and traitorous activities in Malaysia through their "agents" of choice.  

Wake up Hishamuddin. Do your job. Turn on your photo copy machine.
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Apa macam PM dan Kabinet Kerajaan Malaysia, don't you YABs and YBs think that it is time for FARA in Malaysia?

I think it is time, don't wait until there are chaos in the streets before you start thinking about FARA, don't worry about the freedom loving Americans, we are paying them a big compliment by copying them this time, I am sure they won't be offended.

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