Monday, 10 September 2012

This is too much, stop the intimidations! Arrest Anwar Ibrahim's bodyguard!

It was alleged that Anwar Ibrahim's bodyguard had pointed his handgun at some unarmed Malaysians in Jasin, Melaka a couple of days ago. The story here:

Please see the video, it tell no lies, it clearly showed a man (presumably the bodyguard) pointing a handgun at someone or group of people. I do not know what the group of people were doing but I do believe that pointing a handgun at unarmed Malaysians no matter what the provocation are, is just excessive and too much to accept. 

This Country have Laws and the way the bodyguard pointed the handgun at the unarmed crowd showed a reckless intimidating behavior which must be immediately curtailed by the Authorities.

Anwar Ibrahim's Bodyguard must be booked for criminal intimidation with a deadly weapon, such behavior have no place in this blessed country of ours.

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