Friday, 7 September 2012

The DAP never misses an opportunity to create an opportunity

I am writing this post inspired after reading Blogger Bigcat's rather witty posting here.

There was once this PYT(Pretty Young Thing) who jalan-jalan on Merdeka eve and got caught in the Janjibersih crowd near Dataran Merdeka and probably in the heat of the moment stepped on our PM's photo and was photographed for the world to see. It seemed that she's more intent on her pose to the camera rather than actually intentioned to step on the PM's photo. Whatever it is she sure got the attention she was probably looking for.

Well to cut a long story short, the PDRM issued a bulletin asking her to surrender to the nearest Balai Polis (read here). Poor PYT she only have her parents family and friends all worried about her(you see the DAP is keeping all mum about it at this stage). Many more must be wondering what she was thinking when she did what she did on the fateful Merdeka Eve night. I am sure her Mama and Papa never taught her to step on someone's photo, after all its taboo in all Asian culture you know.

Well she did what any fine citizen of this nation would do when the PDRM calls them in, unfortunately I think the PDRM is a bit harsh on the PYT, they handcuffed her, some may say that is procedures BUT alamak Mr Polisman I don't think the PYT will act violent or run away just look at her, is she the sort which would go violent? Naaah don't think so. After all Anwar Ibrahim also never get the handcuff treatment meh. Anyway with that kind of sweet face I am  quite certain our PM in his generousness will forgive her for that one act of which would certainly change her live forever. But anyway this is where the DAP comes in.....

Yup, true to their chauvinist nature this opportunity could not be missed. The DAP Chauvinists would not let this opportunity go away and the PYT is paraded for all to see behind a huge DAP rocket banner read the story here. Actually if she needs to apologise then she should request for an appointment to see the PM, hey who knows she might be rewarded, look at where that rude racist Namewee is now. Yup, the PM and the BN Gomen is very generous Gomen you know. Anyway she would now be some sort of a Pakatan celebrity now, after all she is only following the footsteps of the DAP  Penang Tokong from Melaka kan:

Source here

Really I think these people who joined the JanjiBersih crowd should read Dr. Mahathir's posting on MERDEKA to understand and appreciate our Merdeka more.


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