Monday, 9 July 2012

"We heard that 90% of the inland revenue comes from Chinese, is it true?"

As a Malaysian who is a tax payer and who pays through his nose to satisfy LHDN requirement, I am really pissed every time I come across Malaysians who likes to speculate that the 90% of tax revenues comes from our Chinese brethren thus justifying the many demands of the minority.

I take exception to the statement in the CSL-LGE debate 2.0 when LGE said "Don't forget that the Chinese community pays the most taxes in Malaysia". These are mere assumptions to suit a particular political agenda, and is very divisive.

This is what the Lembaga Hasil Dalam Negeri CEO said on a question "We heard that 90% of the inland revenue comes from Chinese, is it true?"

"That is a misconception. It so happens that the majority of Chinese, especially in cities and towns, are in business and since business cases are often selected for audit through our risk management system, it is perceived that 90% of the income taxes are from the self-employed Chinese.
However, one should note that there are an equally great number of Malay traders in small towns and villages, albeit the volume of business could be much smaller, who are registered with our local branches.
There are also a great number of Malays and Chinese, too, who are in employment and these taxpayers are perceived to be paying every cent of their hard-earned income.
Although the IRB does not maintain records of taxpayers based on race, statistics of tax collection from individuals (including Indians and other races) is about 18% of the total tax collected of which 35% is from the self-employed group. I hope this fact dispels the perception that there is a racial bias in the tax system."
Source here.

The LHDN has spoken folks, please YB politicians, do not make sensitive and divisive statements that would upset us taxpayers who are from all creeds and religions in this blessed country called Malaysia.

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Anonymous said...

As a Malay there were reasons why I cannot bring myself to support the party helmed by the Lim family. First and foremost their chauvinism shows. MCA does talk and demand Chinese rights too but (to me) MCA does not use the Malays as the scapegoat for whatever their demands were(at least not in the open). Compare that to the DAP's crying foul for their rights being denied because of one reason and one reason only,"IT IS UMNO" whereas they fully realized that UMNO is MALAY just as MIC or MCA or PASOK or whatever caters for certain groups only under the BN.So it goes without the need of any time wasting survey the conclusion is;"DAP IS ANTI-MALAYS".