Thursday, 12 July 2012

Penang Port to Penangites? If yes, then CM Post to Penangites too, agree?

The privatisation of the non performing Penang Port is now being politicised and used to the hilt by the DAP State Gomen of Penang to rally the people to support the Penang State Gomen lead by DAP supremo son Lim Guan Eng a state DAP reject from Melaka (but nepotism rules in DAP meh) . This is a welcome respite for the under siege  Penang DAP having to answer many questions on the Hill Developments, the Bayan Mutiara sham deal, the lack of low cost housing even personal questions about CM Guan Eng and his wife.

Non Penangites not Welcome to operate Penang Port?
Never mind that the port's privatisation will bring much needed benefit to the lethargic port under it would be new operators who have made Johor Port and the Port of Tanjung Pelepas a success. 

The DAP also asked that dredging be done for the Port with a construction cost of RM350million. I say  Guan Eng you think if the Penang Port navigation channel and turning basin is deepened then ships from other major liners would be clamouring and queuing to use the Port? Shows how much you know about ports lah...zilch. 

The Port facilities like cranes, storage area etc. and the industrial hinterland must be efficient and big enough to warrant it to become a major port like West Port, Klang and for that matter PTP and Johor Port, that's why you need the port to be privatised so that it would become efficient first before you can call the major liners with their super big ships. The RM350million is better of to be used for dredging at other minor and major ports in Malaysialah like the ones at Sg Dinding, Sg Sarawak or even Miri Port. Penang port does not exist in its own vacuumlah, there are much inter relation between the ports in Malaysia and those overseas, let the Ministry of Transport handle the big picture issue OK.

Anyway the Malaysiakini picture above does have an eerie likeness to the picture below from Malaysiakini too, DAP Dear Leader is prominent in both pictures also:

Teachers who cannot speak Mandarin  not welcome in Chinese Schools?

Going by this convoluted logic of the DAP then it is only right that the Chief Minister Post of Pulau Pinang should be a Penangite. I think Penangites should really start a campaign:


Anonymous said...

1. Penang back to Kedah. British stole it from Kedah.
2. Malaya back to the Malays.
3. Malacca back to the Sultan Malacca.
4. Chinese back to China.
WHERE DOES IT END when it starts!

Mahathir said...

LGE imitating LHL with the pink tie.