Monday, 30 July 2012

After 55 years Merdeka, why must Gomen still give approval for more Chinese independent schools

"Setting up more Chinese independent schools and recognising its United Examination Certificate will create further obstacles to national unity"

“It’s already a fact from the very beginning that vernacular (schools) can be set up by the different communities, which has resulted in our young people not being together and that has become a hindrance towards unity among the people,”
Dr. Mahathir Mohamed

Chinese independent schools does not contribute to unity among races, it only encourage voluntary segregation and encourage Malaysians to live separate lives oblivious to the majority of the population. 

Come 31st August 2012, we will be celebrating our 55th Merdeka. A nation going into its 55th year as a sovereign and independent entity should be celebrating unity of its multiracial population but sadly there are still citizens of this country who demand that more Chinese Independent School whose curriculum are based on a foreign country to be built in this blessed country of ours. 

Dr. Mahathir cannot be more blunt when he said:

More Chinese independent schools will divide people

Sadly the Gomen caved in to obvious political pressure and approved another Chinese Independent School  in Kuantan [read here] about a month later. Fresh from their success to pressure the seemingly weak BN Gomen in the run up to the next GE13, the Dong Zong and their supporters are upping the ante, and are now campaigning for a Chinese Independent School in Segamat read here

I am not holding my breath to see whether the Dong Zong who advocate that even non Mandarin speakers cannot teach in Government/Government aided vernacular schools will get what they want in Segamat, as I think this very friendly BN Gomen will capitulate and say ok to more voluntary segregation of the races in this country. 

Presumably, with more approvals from the very Generous Najib BN Gomen for more Independent schools coming up all over the country, then what Dr. Mahathir say will one day come true:

“If we recognise Chinese education and their certificates, we will have three different people talking in three different languages and I think we will not be able to live together as a whole,”
Dr Mahathir Mohamed

It will be a  sad,sad,sad day indeed when that day comes.

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