Thursday, 19 July 2012

I sure miss the Emergency Ordnance Act

A shocking lack of monitoring of suspected criminals released following the repeal of the Emergency Ordinance is equally frightening. The number of ex-EO detainees involved in crime has been piling up and yesterday Selangor police disclosed that six ex-Simpang Renggam detainees were arrested in connection with robberies and car theft over the past 48 hours. 
Source: Frankie D'Cruz Malay Mail here

The Emergency Ordnance Act which was introduced following race riots in 1969, allows suspects to be detained without charge for up to two years if permission is granted by a Minister. The  useful Act was repealed late 2011 and since then there are these perceptions of increasing crimes that may have been caused by the  release of exEO detainees as a result of the repeal.


Now, MIC works on plans to allow them to lead positive and useful lives

Six former Simpang Renggam detention centre inmates held in Klang Valley

These are incidences  reported just in the Klang Valley alone, what about ex-detainees released all over the country. I like any other citizens greatly care about the safety of my wife,  my family and my fellow Malaysians and visitors to this country. We have the right to feel safe to walk on our streets, the car parks or wherever in this blessed country. 

I do not care what those minority human rights activist and NGOs or any foreign do-gooders have to say about the EO, it was a good Deterrent Law that protected the MAJORITY of peace loving Malaysians. 

When it concerns our safety and security I do not give a damn about law reform or reform minded politicians/law makers...I want and will vote for a Gomen that can protect the majority of its citizens from criminals out to cause us  harm.

I am not blaming the hard working men and women of the PDRM, they are only following the orders of the Executives in Government in the release of the EO detainees.  I hope the Gomen will have a thorough study on the repeal of any other Good Crime Deterrent/Prevention Laws, demanded by the minority human rights do-gooders who only think about themselves and their interests. 

I trust that the Main Stream Newspaper will continue to highlight the ex-EO detainees crime incidences. We Malaysians have the right to know so that we can take more precautionary measures besides putting pressure on the relevant authorithies to beef up security measures as a consequent of the slew of Law reforms/repeal.

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