Tuesday, 26 January 2016

AG Shocker?

AG's clearance of Najib on RM2.6b shocks Azmin

A shocker?

....well not really a shocker....actually Dr Mahathir had predicted it to happen in early January, and he was sadly right:

My friend @ckliio9 gave his observation on twitter and he is correct in that AG should give more explanation to his decision:

....without proper explanation quoting why the various penal codes cannot be applied to the SPRM investigation...the AG decision will not put to rest the issue as it will be used as cannon fodder by the Pakatan and Pas people to whack BN in PRU14. 

Remember BN lost the popular votes in PRU13 and today BN have lost more votes in PRU14. How many votes need to be lost before BN realised the tsunami coming their way in PRU14 is lots bigger than the tsunami in PRU13?

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