Thursday, 8 January 2015

In the wake of MH370 and QZ8501 incidents, ICAO should implement standard for real time tracking of commercial airplanes ASAP

I will be travelling again to Bangladesh tomorrow, will be there for a few days for meetings and appointments with colleagues in Dhaka and Chittagong. Dhaka is a 4 hours plane journey from KLIA...its moderately long journey (2 movies long) straddling the coast of Peninsular Malaysia, Thailand and over the Bay of Bengal. 

Normally air travel does not bother me at all, but, since the crash of MAS MH370 and now Air Asia Indonesia QZ 8501 I must confess that I have my moments of of shall we say doubts when thinking about air travelling. Then I thot to myself,  if you are fated to die, you will die even when you are on the way to the life must go on.

Nonetheless, it would be helpful if the recommendation of the Chief  Inspector of Air Accidents of Malaysia's Ministry of Transport Preliminary report on MH370 be taken up by ICAO and preferably all the airliners of the world need not wait for instructions to do so:

Source: Preliminary Report here
Had real time tracking been installed on MH370 and QZ 8501, the process of search and recovery would be much faster than it is as a the search area where the ill fated planes crashed/landed would be much smaller as the guesstimates are taken out of the equation.



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