Thursday, 8 January 2015

Are Malaysians prepared to impose total ban on logging like what the Thais did in the aftermath of its worst flooding?

Saya buat posting pasal banjir mungkin ramai tak berapa faham, anyway saya bukan pakar pasal hal ini, just writing to share based on what little experience I have as a Civil Engineer ...ok now listen to what the expert has to say:

Professor Mohamed Zakaria Hussin, Dekan Fakulti Perhutanan UPM:

Latest headline today from Bernama:
  • A RM3 billion multipurpose dam will be built in Sungai Kelantan under RMK-11 to ease flood problem in East Coast - DID

  • I don't know, I think RM3 billion is a lot of money to spend for a dam, I am not questioning the efforts of the Gomen but I think any new or improvement to flood mitigation infrastructure is useless in the longer run if not addressing the rampant logging upstream on the hilly areas as explained by Professor Zakaria. 

    Penebangan pokok balak tanpa urus alam sekitar terlampau menjadi-jadi di Kelantan sampai  gondol kawasan tinggi di Gua Musang-Lojing
    On January 10, 1989 Thailand banned harvesting of timber in the country following the worst flooding there in nearly a century. Thailand had long been a traditional exporter of raw logs and in more recent years had begun to develop a competitive furniture industry. Despite the ban on harvesting, Thailand's furniture industry has continued to climb in terms of total output and export value. The country now imports large amounts of raw teak and other wood from Myanamar and Cambodia. This trade is not documented nor is it always even carried out with the permission of the governments in Yangoon and Phnom Penh, respectively. In fact, these two countries are now experiencing some of the highest deforestation rates in the world.

2. Description

Following disastrous floods in November, 1988, Thailand banned logging in the country in January of 1989. During the floods, 350 people died and there was $120 million in property losses. Soil erosion caused by deforestation exacerbated the floods, thereby making the damage and loss of lives much worse. Since a large part of the logging was actually for the purpose of export, either in raw or processed form, there was a large international component to this decision (Thailand has a growing furniture export industry). Resourceful Thai businessmen began importing wood from their unstable neighbors -- Myanamar and Cambodia. 
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I think when push comes to shove, we need to do the obvious:

For the sake of our future generations, Malaysia must ban all logging activities just like what the Thais did in the aftermath of its worst flooding in a century. But, :......

Are Malaysians prepared to impose total ban on logging like what the Thais did in the aftermath of its worst flooding?


Anonymous said...

Malaysia ni kan satu Persekutuan negara-negara. Thailand itu SAtu negara. Maka bolehlah Thailand ban pembalakkan.

Di Malaysia kena ikut perundangan negara-negara (kita sebut negeri - walaupun tak tepat)

Pentadbiran Kelantan (Government of Kelantan - kita selalu tersalah sebut Kerajaan Kelantan) mungkin tidak cekap dalam pengurusan balak. Akan tetapi senario mungkin berbeza di Perak atau Kedah. Jadi mana mungkin nak buat blanket ban satu Malaysia seperti Thailand.

Thailand ada satu Pentadbir (central Goverement)Malaysia sebagai Persekutuan ada banyak Pentadbir (banyak Government). Federal government kita bukannya Central Government. (satu lagi kesalahan yang kerap kita fikir : Sate Government wujud dari Constitution sendiri bukan datang dari Federal Constitution - so mana datangnya perkataan Central Government?)

Federal Governement misalnya tak boleh campur hal pengurusan air (baca: banjir)dan hal pengurusan Tanah (baca: Balak)

Lagi pun Pentadbir Persekutuan (Federal Government - kita selalu salah sebut Kerajaan Persekutuan - Persekutuan mana ada Raja - Agung Bukan Raja/Sultan/King Malaysia - ie bukan jajahan baginda) tiada kuasa ATAS bidang kuasa KERAJAAN (state atau the Monarchy) ahli-ahli Persekutuan

Kalau nak ban kena ikut State atau negara ahli Persekutuan. Blanket Ban satu Malaysia ialah unconstitutional.

eddy said...

Dear anon 08:23

Bila ada kemahuan disitu ada jalan, dimana tak ada kemahuan macam2 alasan boleh di beri kan.