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Not In Defence of Tun Abdul Hamid Mohamad

Former Chief Justice Tun Abdul Hamid Mohamad delivered a very good fact filled speech recently  which must be read in full by all Malay/Bumi politicians in particular and Malaysians in general:


Unfortunately Tun Abdul Hamid's speech was totally spun off tangent by the obviously very pro DAP/Pakatan The Malaysian Insider who themselves tried to rebut Tun Abdul Hamid well prepared speech, with their usual divisive rhetorics of their own devoid of any fact:

After reading the TMI,I find that they not only tried to knock Tun Abdul Hamid but they also tried to knock UMNO, Perkasa and ISMA, they even tried to knock the Judiciary too as well. Well if TMI wanted a negative response they got what they wanted from the usual suspects the Ambigas, the DAP Lims and even a former retired Court of Appeal Judge. 

Perkasa did come to Tun Abdul Hamid's defense:

PERKASA pertahan Tun Hamid isu 'Islam terancam'

Perkasa questions Ambiga’;s credentials in criticising former chief justice

I believe this venom spewing article by TMI have gone over the line, attempting to incite the public against  UMNO, Perkasa and Isma with the same brush just because these organisations are upholding the rights of Malay/Bumis, and perhaps the PDRM should actually investigate TMI for sedition and/or Contempt of Court. In fact I think Tun Abdul Hamid should even sue the pants off TMI for defamation.

'Want to know what has troubled the Malaysian judiciary all these years? Why it is the butt of jokes and why it has as much credibility as Datuk Ibrahim Ali?

Look no further than former chief justice (CJ) Tun Abdul Hamid Mohamad .

This is a man who shades the truth: who spews half-baked nonsense and tries to dress it up as fact. But most alarmingly, this is a man who is not averse to using his standing in society to divide Malaysians'
The Malaysian Insider (source)

This is a good article, from FaceBook by Tun Maharezza on the TMI editorial (reposted with permission) :

"Malaysian insider vs tun hamid ,i read an article of malaysian insider title the danger of a former judge dressing up opinion as facts.

2.when i read the article , my first impression was that the writer put up the title with contention to make the public think that the cj is a man without facts while giving his opinion.

At the end of my first reading ,i clearly saw that the writter himself making his blatant opinion on the honourable cj without any facts too !

3.firstly , the writer condemn tun hamid claim that his allegation of difficulties in securing allocation for penang islamic interest is baseless , the writer ask for facts n condemn the cj for giving his opinion factless.

But the writer himself did not provide any facts to justify his claim that penang govt did not make any difficulties to any islamic body to obtain png govt funds n allocation for the islamic entity.

He is just doing a cheap n plain political assasination on the ex cj credibility.

Thats all. , the writer question the ex cj stands on equalisation of other religion to islam at official functions where the former cj insist that by article 3 of the federal constitution no other religion shall be treated as federal religion except islam.

And therefore , during official state function , no other than islamic prayers are allowed.

The ex cj did not and never imply that other religion cannot do their prayers for the new building ,but he insist by law that it should not done during official function.

He did not even retsrict any prayers for the building at after official function ends , he just saying it is inappropriate to do so during the official function.

His view is that , if prayers of other religion were done during the official function , the act is disrespectful to the article 3 fed cons.
The penang state govt must not publicly show her disrespect to the federal constitution.

The ex cj make his point of the penang govt has disrespect the fed cons article.

And he was absolutely right ! , the writter is saying that non islam at the rest of the world is using kalimah allah , and says that tun hamid claimed that the malaysian church wanted to convert the muslim to non muslim.

Well , only in middle east the non muslim used kalimah allah to refer to god , as they use arabic language.

While the indonesian bible that the church import is in indonesian bahasa , they can use the word tuhan to refer as god instead of using kalimah allah.

It is proven in indonesia that the bahasa indonesia bible were use to attract muslims to convert to christians , they used the kalimah allah to confuse the public.

And in malaysia , bahasa malaysia for god is tuhan and not allah.

Allah is arabic words for god ,and the bible that church wanted is in bahasa malaysia and not bahasa arab ,

So why insist to use kalimah allah in the bahasa malaysia bible ?

And why didnt the church requested all english and other language bible use kalimah allah instead of god ?

Why the church only wanted the kalimah allah in the malay bible ? What are their agenda ?

Can the church answer these questions ? Can the writter make the honourable ex cj and the muslims and the public to understand ?

5.again , the writter says tun hamid accuse the non muslim wanted same right as the muslim.

In this case , tun hamid was again absolutely right !

Its is the fact that some over ambitious non muslim who profess human right as religion has propagate the new religion through their ifc interfaith committee.
They wanted same gender equality ,nurul izzah of pkr pr even suggest all malaysian including the muslims be given the liberty to choose their own religion !

They even suggested same gender marriage that is against the islamic faith.

Therefore , it is not correct to say tun hamid stands is an allegation or accusation.

6.the ifc , the human right professing isnt just wanting the same right as islam but insulting the islamic faith.

We have seen the pr are not happy with article 11.4 fed cons that restricted the non muslim to propagate their religion to the muslim ,

They did not challenge the 11.4 per say , but they certanly wanted other religion can be allow to propagate their religion to muslims..

7.the next 3 paragraph , was not any facts given by the writter to proves his point against the honourable ex cj tun hamid..

We can see clearly ,the writter can only afford to insult the ex cj , attacking and assasinate the latter credibility.,

And he is doing it in the cheapest manner , its a shame to the writter who preaching abt facts but actually himself writting rubbish without any facts given.

I shall not say more to justify my point , the readers can evaluate themselves.



Thank you Tun Maharezza............In fact there are many useful food for thots that can be found in Tun Abdul Hamid's speech....about the ISA, the NUCC, the Sedition Act the draft Harmony Bill etc he is after all was the Chief Justice of Malaysia at one time, his insights to current affairs are very valuable.

For those Malaysians who commented negatively on Tun Abdul Hamid's speech, I ask you, did you or did you not read the speech in full or did you just read the TMI headlines and started to judge without getting your facts right or in full?

Lim Guan Eng accused Tun Abdul Hamid as a liar (source):

"Bekas ketua hakim hanya mendedahkan dirinya sebagai seorang rasis, ekstremis dan penipu. Dia kata kami abaikan Islam tapi buta untuk melihat yang kami sudah meningkatkan peruntukan kepada mereka.

"Malah, kami beri lebih banyak peruntukan kepada orang Islam berbanding BN buat hingga Gerakan serang kami. Itu Umno kata kami abaikan Islam?" 
Lim berkata kenyataan sedemikian bermotif politik, malah Gerakan dan Umno yang bersama dalam BN juga tidak konsisten dengan pendirian mereka.
"Mengapa ada perbezaan? Gerakan kata kami beri terlalu banyak dan Umno kata lain pula," 
Whatever lah, we would now ask Lim Guan Eng to be transparent and show to the public, the audited figures for the State Gomen of Penang breakdown on how much was given for Islam and how much for the other religions. Can give ah Guan Eng, facts and figures lah, ok?

By the way, next time any DAP or DAP supporters or even Malay Liberals/DAP Apologists calls you a racists or extremists just because you want to uphold Malay/Bumi or Islam rights as written in the Perlembagaan, no need to argue with them or call them names, just tell them to piss off.

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