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Dear PM Sir, militants and terrorists are coming, bring back the ISA in a form suited to counter the threat please

A country without leadership may suffer same fate as Brazilian football team
YAB PM Malaysia Najib Razak source 

1. In a move many now see as populist, the ISA was repealed by PM Najib Razak in 2011 without much, if any, consultation with the public and other  stakeholders. Sadly, after the repeal, the job of the PDRM to keep the safety and security of Malaysia have become a lot tougher….and the repeal did not get the desired result in GE13 for BN which scrape thru to Putrajaya on the back of Malay support of UMNO. BN lost its pants in GE13, and in GE 14 its not about getting back the pants but keeping its underwear intact. 

2.  Dr. Mahathir our retired Prime Minister had sounded out the first warnings of many that without the ISA calamity may befall on us:

Dr Mahathir gesa kerajaan kembalikan ISA untuk perangi jenayah berat

3. Apparently PM Najib and his advisors did not bother with Dr. Mahathir's as they probably have their own Grand Design on what needs to be done, whatever that would be. 

4. Later, No less than the IGP himself expressed his disappointment in January 2014 that the ISA was repealed:

The Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Khalid Abu Bakar (pic) said today he wished that the Internal Security Act 1960 (ISA) would be reintroduced. (The ISA which was repealed in 2012.) "Yes, the Security Offences (Special Measures) Act 2012 is sufficient, but what is wrong with the ISA?" Khalid asked. "Both laws are suitable for different... cont'd here.
Only God knows what the IGP have  in his mind at that time as the IGP he probably has at his disposal Special Branch and Intelligence reports on threats within and probably from outside the country as well, it could be about the clear and present danger or threats of home grown militants or foreign terrorist making Malaysia their base of operations, it could be about ESSCOM...we don't know. What we do know is that one of the PDRM weapon (preventive detention) against wanabe militants and terrorists have been rudely taken from them with the ISA repeal.

Perhaps the IGP have these militants and terrorists in mind, this guy Dr. Mahmud Abas recruited the first known Malaysian Malay Muslim Suicide Bomber who blew himself up together with 25 Iraqi soldiers on 26 May 2014:

5. So when on 1st July 2014, the Deputy Home Minister said:

.……then I think it is time to take the recall of the ISA very seriously because the reason it was repealed in the first place is more about making sure politicians don't get ISAed anymore. 

The problem with that reasoning is that militants and wannabe terrorist or foreign terrorist are not politicians so when the ISA was repealed in its entirety the only people happy are the militants, wannabe terrorist and foreign terrorist whom the PDRM cannot lock up indefinitely because Judges in Court of Law wants to see hard facts about wrongdoing rather than intelligence from Special Branch/Intelligence agencies about what would happen if these people are not locked up. Why repeal the ISA entirely why not just amend the parts on the politicians to make sure that other threats to national security are taken care by the ISA.

6. We also now have Malaysians who are recruited to become Jihadis in Syria and Iraq fighting God knows what using God knows what weapons of destruction. When the fighting is done in Arabia, these Malaysian fighters who will then be veterans of war will come back to Malaysia, and we sure need laws to curb them just in case they are looking for trouble, and trouble are a plenty in Malaysia now…..just hear the noises on race and religion…Malaysia is a ticking time bomb of race and religion incited by extremists, even the Deputy PM TS Muhyiddin is rightly worried.

7. If PM Najib were to run a referendum today, I am sure majority Malaysians will want the ISA back because many value the security and the stability of this country, and many do not care who gets locked up because we know the PDRM will do their job without fear or favor.

8.  Of course we would not want a law which locks up politician without trial for saying something stupid but the new ISA could be tailored to be a preventive detention act for suspected militants and terrorists, local or foreign. 

9. OK Ok if PM Najib hate the name ISA, then call the new ISA Act as a Anti Terror Act specifically to deal with the clear and present dangers and threats that this nation would face at this time and the future.

10.  Show leadership and courage  YAB PM Sir, and an entire nation which voted BN will be most grateful, for at the end of the day the majority would and always will vote for the Gomen which takes care of the security and prosperity of this blessed nation and places its citizens first.

Thank you.

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Anonymous said...

Hanya orang yang BERAKAL sedar pentingnya ISA untuk Negara seperti Malaysia.

Masalahnya adakah PM kita teermasuk dalam golongan yang BERAKAL?

Semoga BERAKAL merupakan hidayah yang dikurnikan oleh Allah kepada PM Malaysia pada bulan Ramadhan yang mulia ini