Monday, 4 August 2014

Explaining The Tragedy of Palestine - Miko Peled

Source: Watfordian from comment section here.

Miko Peled gives advice on what to do when labelled an anti-Semite; ignore the accusation and ask the accuser what it makes them when they allow the IDF to humiliate Palestinians on a daily basis; deny children access to water; put children into prisons often without charge; pull children out of bed at 2am etc...

Miko Peled, explains why a "balanced" and "objective" debate on Israel is not possible; watch this video; even though Peled is honest enough to say that it will not be a "balanced" discourse, it is still essential viewing. He talks about:  
  • myth of the Promised land
  • the racist foundations of Israel
  • the racist educational system
  • how Zionists keeps Israelis living in a state of heightened fear
  • the deliberate ethnic cleansing of Palestine
  • the reality of suicide bombing (his niece was killed by a suicide bomber)
  • what to do when you are called an anti-Semite
  • how Israel was the aggressor in the 1948, 1967 wars
  • the Israeli laws that discriminate against Arabs (even those that are Israeli citizens)
  • the double standards of Israelis (right of return for Jews but not Palestinians)
  • why the Palestinians would be MAD to accept the deals they have been offered
  • how the Palestinians ACCEPTED a peace deal but Israel keeps changing the terms to make the deal UNACCEPTABLE
  • how Palestine was ethnically cleansed and their property given to Zionist emigrants (Peled's mother refused to accept such property)
  • why he can stand next to a Palestinian "terrorist" and identifies HIMSELF as the terrorist
  • why Zionism must be defeated just as apartheid and segregation (in the US) were defeated
  • why the Israeli army is the best equipped terrorist organisation in the world
This is a very personal story - but one that explains the tragedy of Palestine; a tragedy for Palestinians as much as it is a tragedy for Israelis who have been consumed by the holocaust to such an extent that they can't see that they have become the persecutors.

Despite everything Peled is very hopeful about the future, and listening to him one is definitely filled with hope knowing that there are Israelis like him and his sister working towards peace.


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