Friday, 29 August 2014

Precious #krisisMBSelangor

In the Selangor MB saga...this report from the star is PRECIOUS:

Palace 'no' to remote control MB

KUALA LUMPUR: The new Selangor mentri besar should be one who has the interest of the rakyat at heart and can serve the people but not one who is controlled by someone else.

The Sultan of Selangor does not want a “remote-controlled” mentri be­­sar, said a source close to the pa­­lace and familiar with the sentiments and working of His Royal Highness.

“The mentri besar must not only be chosen by the majority of the state assembly, but must be able to put the interest of the rakyat first and can run the state. The Selangor Ruler wants someone who can take care of the needs of the people and develop the state to the highest level,” he said.

He stressed that as provided under Articles LI (1), LIII (2)(a), (4) and LV (2)(a) of the Selangor State Consti­tution 1959, the Sultan of Selangor is given absolute discretionary power to appoint a mentri besar for the Selangor state government who, in the Ruler’s opinion, has the majority support of the State Legislative Assembly.

“The person must be able to work with all parties, including his own excos, as well as have a good relationship with the palace,” he said.

He also advised Pakatan Rakyat not to drag internal party problems into the state administration and disrupt the running of the state.

“This is an internal party pro­blem,” he said.

Asked if it was necessary for the mentri besar to be born in Selangor, he said the state constitution did not specify it.

“Former Selangor Mentri Besar Tan Sri Abdul Jamil Rais, for example, was born in Perak but he lived in Selangor for most of his life.”

The Sultan of Selangor has also conveyed his feelings about anti-palace remarks made by certain politicians that were damaging and hurtful and bordering on sedition.

He said the palace was hurt and offended by the continuous attacks by certain quarters.

“The palace has been quiet but people keep on making anti-palace remarks.

“The remarks are offensive. These people should read the state constitution and understand the palace’s convention, protocol and tradition before making any comments on the situation.

“Certain lawyers from political parties are hired to interpret things according to what the client wants,”
he said.

The source said the Selangor Ruler was not worried as the crisis was created by the present mentri besar’s own party before he was expelled.

“The state government is still fully functioning. Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim is still the mentri besar and His Royal Highness will take his time to make the best decision for the rakyat.

“There is no need to panic as the current government is not just a mere caretaker government; it is a full government. It is just a matter of changing a mentri besar from Pa­­katan.”

In July, Sultan of Selangor Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah rapped Shah Alam MP Khalid Samad for questioning the powers of the Selangor State Islamic Council (Mais).

Labelling Khalid as “ignorant of the state Islamic laws and Mais’ role”, he urged the PAS central committee member to study the history of the state and its laws before ma­king any comment that could cause a stir among Muslims.

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