Monday, 19 August 2013

Nazri Aziz is live reason why many Malays wld not vote UMNO in GE14

Dear YAB PM Najib and UMNO,

Kindly please do not blame many of us Malays who would not be voting UMNO in the next GE14 due to this rude and arrogant person you have appointed to become Minister in your cabinet:

Your agreeing to him appointing his son in MOTAC does not help at all. Its called kowtowing to Nepotism. 

We thought Nepotism only happens in Kim's North Korea, Lim's DAP and Anwar's PKR. It is bad for UMNO's  image as negative perception of UMNO as determined by the Pakatan becomes public opinion.

Thank You and Regards
Anonymous Charitable Malays

Under-fire Nazri fights back, calls his critics “stupid”


Anonymous said...

Is that Nazri Aziz in Malay songkok showing a prick sign to someone in his capacity as a government official or as a Malaysian-first-Malay-next guy with a grouse in his pants?

Hyman said...