Monday, 19 August 2013

ISA: The difference between menangkap and menahan

'Bagaimana nak tangkap jika tak lakukan jenayah?'
PM Malaysia Najib Razak on the ISA that he ordered to be repealed (Source)

1. I could be wrong, if I am please correct me but was not the ISA  created to prevent a crime or a violent/terrorist act from happening by 'menahan' or detaining the suspect(s) and investigate him for a specified of time? Read the act here.

2. Correct me if I am wrong again but does not 'menangkap' means arrest based normally on the Malaysian Penal Code or something.

3. Can the PM's legal eagle advise the PM what to say when it concerns the Law, its rather confusing what he is saying, maybe the PM advisors are as confused as he is at the moment you knowlah, trying to defend his troika of repeals with the escalating violence blamed on his repeals is a very tough job kan. 

4. It frightens me that our PM, the man who wants to 'transform' Malaysia to a God knows what country is saying the wrong thing why ISA was repealed.

You criminals out there so very happy ah that our politicians are concerned about human rights and all that. Ya happy Hari Raya to you too whoever you are but no maaf from me ....Crime Does Not Pay Ok and  please stop shooting at people when they are driving in their car  its bad for our multi-billion Ringgit Tourism business... Ask YB Nazri lah..on second thought don't ask Nazri, he might call you stupid.

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