Sunday, 18 March 2012

The Gomen should not capitulate to the racist demand of Dong Zong

On 13 March 2012 it was reported by Malaysiakini that the DAP will fully support Dong Zong (the United Chinese School Committees)  to stage a street demonstration on March 25 to protest against the shortage of teachers in Chinese schools and the transfer of non-Chinese speaking teachers to Chinese schools. 

The Gomen is working very hard to address the issue in fact the Ministry of Education said  there is no shortage of teachers presumably referring to the transfer of non Chinese speaking (read Malay, Bumiputera and Indian teachers) to Chinese schools read here to alleviate the shortage of teachers. They are working hard to address the issue of the shortage of Mandarin speaking teachers read here. For the Dong Zong to give deadlines to the Gomen to solve the problem is tantamount to arm twisting and will invite others to criticise its racists demands to have only Chinese speaking teachers teaching in Chinese schools, making it more difficult for the Gomen to address the issue amicably.

Concerned bloggers wrote quite a great deal on the Dong Zong and the DAP, some I followed:

Helen Ang who wrote 2 postings on the matter: 

Threatening the Government with a demonstration i.e flexing their political power if their demands that NO non Chinese speaking teachers be transferred to Chinese Schools are not heeded is racists behaviour, shouldn't be tolerated and certainly has no place in a multiracial Malaysia.   I am not at all surprised by the actions of the extremists Dong Zong and their ardent supporters like this supremacist here and I expected that the DAP will join the fray(I wasn't surprised), this demand threaten to destroy the very fabric of this multiracial society of ours built on mutual trust and tolerance of each other. 

The MCA, fast losing majority Chinese support despite the best efforts of their tireless leaders, risk losing the support of other races too if they try to so influence the Gomen to capitulate to the Dong Zong racist demand read here

While I am a supporter of the Satu Sekolah Untuk Semua Kempen, I accept the reality that the vernacular schools are here to stay unless and until the Gomen of the day elected by the majority  say otherwise. But while the BN Gomen gives all support it can to  vernacular schools, I cannot accept that Dong Zong makes unreasonable and racist demand such as wanting to have only Chinese speaking teachers in the Chinese schools it does not bode well with a multiracial Malaysia. The last time when the BN Gomen recognising the increasing race polarity tried to introduce the vision school system, the Dong Zong was dead set against it, they prefer to have the vernacular schools segregated from the rest of the community apparently. Dong Zong got their wish.

The Gomen must now stand its ground when again faced with the latest racist  demand of the Dong Zong. With the  increasing polarisation of races in Malaysia, everybody is watching what kind of solution will the Gomen come up with in this instance. Its not easy, good luck.

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