Saturday, 24 March 2012

Dong Zong insist to rally, let them rally....

Despite many voices telling them not to do it, the Dong Zong insist that their racist demands be heard loud and clear in a public demo tomorrow, there is no turning back it seems:

Chinese educationists to go ahead with rally on teacher shortage

I am done talking about these alliance of supremacists.

Let the Dong Zong, the DAP and other Chinese supremacists have their public rally, let All Malaysians know of their racists demands. 

Let Malaysians open their eyes to these supremacists who wants their children to be segregated from the rest of the Malaysian population. 

Let the Malaysian public know that they they want to live and enjoy their life here but they do not want to be true Malaysians. 

Pic. saya kebas dari Bigcat blog

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