Monday, 26 March 2012

Dong Zong/DAP rally: Calling all reasonable Malaysians to reject the racist demands

Yes sirree the supremacist in DZ fully instigated by the supposedly Malaysian First DAP who even tried to chase Deputy Minister Wee Ka Siong from the rally,  are sure not shy about telling Malaysians that the shortage of Teachers must be filled by Chinese Speaking teachers no matter what subject is being taught, not only that they want  “beratus-ratus guru dipindah keluar adalah atas alasan mereka tidak mempunyai kelulusan SPM dalam bahasa Cina". in short they  DO NOT WANT non Chinese speaking teachers in their Chinese school period:

Dong Zong president Yap Sin Tian in his speech said the rally aims to make a point of how serious the shortage is, and for the immediate removal of the non-Chinese speaking teachers placed in the primary schools earlier this year. 

Yap also said not only was the shortage yet to be resolved, the government has placed more and more non-Chinese speaking teachers in schools for subjects other than English and Bahasa Malaysia. 

It also wanted the ministry to conduct special courses for Chinese primary school Chinese language teachers who have taught Bahasa Malaysia or English for at least three years so that they also are qualified to teach all three languages. 

Source of report here.

Can anybody tell me how much Mandarin does a Malaysian who lives and work in Malaysia needs to know? While I appreciate the need to remember the place where one ancestor comes from, I think the DZ and their supporters need to remind themselves that they are living in and are citizens of Malaysia. 

50 odd years ago, the vernacular schools were born of tolerance among our founding fathers, after 50 years, the Chinese Educationists NGO the Dong Zong and gleefully supported by the chauvinist Chinese DAP in particular threathens to turn the vernacular school into a racially intolerant place refusing to even allow non mandarin speaking Teachers to teach any subject be it English or even our official language Bahasa Malaysia. This is a reaction by sms from my Malaysian Chinese friend and  I quote verbatim "How can Dong Zong insist non-Chinese speaking teachers can't teach in Chinese schs? Unreasonable n racist! Many chinese can't speak mandarin. Malay teach gd BM n indians teach gd english." 

For those who thinks that the shortage of teachers in Chinese Schoold is a BN conspiracy please read this by my blogger buddy Malaiyoo teachers and their Chinese students.

It would be impossible for the Gomen to meet the Dong Zong and DAP racists demands.

I am calling on the Gomen, and all reasonable Malaysians to reject DZ/Dap unrealistic demand for only mandarin speaking teachers to teach in chinese schools. Remember there are also many Chinese who can't speak Mandarin and do not have a pass in SPM Mandarin and they can probably teach BM and  English a lot better than a Malay or Indian can. This is Malaysia right, Malaysians Boleh. 

This blessed country is built on a bed rock 
of moderation and tolerance. 
Save Malaysia, Reject Extremism.


Monyet King said...

I agree fully with you. This is too much.

Hantu Laut said...

What difference does it makes whether they are Mandarin speaking teachers or not.What they want are good teachers.When I was in schoo, my English teacher was an Indian, who speaks and writes English better than many English people that I know today.

eddy said...

Thank you Monyet King Sir and thanks for visiting.

eddy said...

Bro HL, its just a DZ racist ploy to only have Mandarin speakers, read Chinese teachers and students only in the Chinese schools.

They forgot that there are quite a number of non chinese in the Chinese schools who have to be taught Pengetahuan Ugama Islam, by getting rid of these teachers I suppose they can get rid of the non chinese from the chinese schools as well and their supremacist desire for segregation will be complete.

Wallah..a Mandarin Utopia which is as unrealistic as it is unreasonable in this country we call our own.

PantheraLeo said...

support you bro! Dong Zong is too much. Based on their demands, it looks like they want to virtually etnically cleanse all Chinese schools of other races. I'm no racist and this is racist to the max.
I wanted to write the same thing on blog when I found your article. Wrote it anyway --- >

eddy said...

TQ PantheralLeo, read your post, its good ..keep on blogging, lets fight against extremism and racism.