Sunday, 11 March 2012

The Federal Court did right by giving a one year sentence to shoe thrower

"You are an imam, you know imam are looked upon highly, have high level of knowledge, high level of politeness... however, you did not show any of this attitude. In fact, you are arrogant, rude and violent and did not show any respect at all. You came to the court as you had trust in the court. However, when you did not succeed due to your own incompetent act, you acted in such a way. I cannot accept such an act. This institution should be respected. Now, you face the consequences."
FCJ Datuk Suryadi Halim Omar

Talk about shoes boomerang back at the thrower, Hoslan Hussin who threw a pair of shoes at three sitting Federal Court Judges on 22nd February 2012 was jailed for One year for contempt on 8 March 2012. The news:

Shoe throwing at anybody is a inexcusable and despicable  act in any culture, more so if it is thrown with intent at three sitting Federal Court Judges. Unless the shoe thrower is an insane man I think the punishment meted out to Hoslan is the right thing to do. I have had enough of people disparaging the Judiciary whether in verbal or written form, if the shoe thrower is let off lightly then many people will start throwing shoes at Magistrates, Session Court Judges, High Court Judges, Appeal Court and Federal Court Judges when ever a judgement is against them this country will go to the dogs if the Federal Court Judges back down and heed the demand of the politically partisan Bar Council on the one year sentencing for contempt. Read here. Don't agree? look at the rabid anti judiciary and disparaging comments by commenter at the MI link here.:

The Pakatan leaning supporters and lawyers will go to town with this latest punishment meted on their own, but have a look at who this shoe thrower really is and how his case had to come to the Federal Court. Read: Siapa Hoslan Hussain here.

Its good that Hoslan pray to ALLAH the All Mighty after the sentencing, but he should really have thought about the consequences of his actions before he threw those shoes at the Federal Court Judges on that fateful day in February 2012.

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