Saturday, 11 June 2011

A visit to the Chittagong War Cemetery - 10th June 2011

Finally some free time in between my work schedule here. I took this opportunity to  visit the Chittagong War Cemetery today Friday 10th June 2011. 

The Chittagong War Cemetery is one of the many cemeteries around the world still being maintained by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission

Sign before Entry

Just at the entrance

Well kept grounds

Fallen Muslims, Christians and Jews who fought together for the British Empire..Remembered

The Chittagong port was the major staging area for the Burma Campaign during World War 2. Some of the fallen soldiers and civillians who were involved in the Burma Campaign were laid to rest here at the Chittagong War Cemetery.


Oldstock said...

Wah... got time to jalan2 eh bro?

eddy said...

Well bro, all work and no play will make jack a dull dude he he.