Monday, 27 June 2011

The Sex Video has been officially authenthicated, Anwar should resign voluntarily

All over the world thru the times, from the United States to Turkey to Indonesia to Taiwan, when a sex scandal story breaks in public, the politician who was caught with their pants down will take the honorable way and retire from public life. Unfortunately some of our politicians wear it like a badge, continually denying evidence shown to his face. This is an article from the Star explicitly telling Anwar to resign from public office:

Anwar should do the honourable thing and resign from office


MULTIPLE expert analyses have now identified Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim as the man in the sex video.
But his unlikely resignation from public office will remain unlikely, since public interest here is easily shunted aside.
Earlier, a local video professional and a Korean expert had also pronounced the video as genuine and undoctored.
Now Prof Hany Farid and Asst Prof Lorenzo Torresani of Dartmouth College in New Hampshire concur with those findings. Dartmouth is a top-notch Ivy League institution and among the most distinguished educational establishments in the world.
Prof Farid himself, a leading researcher and chair of Dartmouth’s Neukom Institute for Computational Science, had even developed some of the latest techniques of video analysis.
All the available evidence and all the best forensic science now point overwhelmingly to Anwar.
Farid and Torresani’s findings are said to be of “99.99%” certainty because to be 100% certain, a witness would have to be in the room at the time. That person is Datuk Shazryl Eskay Abdullah, who never had any doubts who was with him in the room.
But none of this will suffice for those who would insist on argument by denial.
A familiar combination of denial, spin and protestation would junk key witness testimony and top forensic analyses.
Reasonable people now know the truth, however much those with desperate political ambitions may deny and distort it.
PKR’s partners in DAP and PAS must also know what they are unable to bring themselves to acknowledge publicly.
Adultery or even patronising a prostitute may not seem such a great crime. However, the stakes multiply for a Muslim leader, particularly one with an Islamist background who is aiming for the highest public office in the land.
PAS had earlier said it might have to review its Pakatan partnership with PKR if Anwar is the man in the video. Since there is no longer any reasonable doubt that he is, PAS now has to do the honourable thing as a reputedly forthright party with vaunted moral values.
But if nothing changes within PKR or Pakatan, that should also be no surprise.
In politics, doing what is honourable can often be difficult, especially for those who like to accuse their opponents of all kinds of intrigue and plots. Read in full here.
We Malaysians cannot support a politician who has aspirations to the highest office in the land but at the same time indulging in unprotected sex with a sex worker, more so if the politicians conducts his political campaign on an Islamic platform.
Zaid Ibrahim says it best:
"On a moral scale, how is a bankrupt less desirable than a leader of the opposition who knowingly tells lies to the public and refuses to acknowledge and accept his failings, but instead agitates the people against the government solely to protect himself?" he queried.

"If Anwar had the interests of the people at heart, even in the slightest way, he would have been honest. He would have spared his family from having to tell lies as well. It would have been unnecessary for him to lodge a false report (which can get him into more trouble), and it would have been unnecessary for a Court of Law to have been used as a pornographic cinema"
Anwar's time to resign and retire completely from politics has come. 
Malaysians does not need a Leader with questionable moral and ethics to lead them into the unpredictable future, Malaysia needs men who will sacrifice for the people and the nation NOT leaders who are willing to sacrifice the people and the nation for his personal gain.

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