Monday, 31 August 2015

Merdeka, Merdeka, Merdeka

Merdeka untuk kita:

Since 1957 when we gained our independence from the Brits, our nation has through the toughest of times stood among the best model of Parliamentary Democracy system in the world where the rule of law prevails.

From the very beginning ours has been a very tough nation to govern and administer with a multiracial and multi religious population but Alhamdullilah Praise be to God Almighty...except for those dark days in 1969, we have managed to pull our way through with the cooperation and support of all and ably led by competent and honest leadership both in Political Office and the Civil Service.

Lately however there is a storm cloud over Malaysia, I do not need to elaborate much on the subject matter as much have been written and debated about it over the social media and recently the Bersih 4 rally which in essence is a call to PM Najib Razak to resign from his office due to the 1MDB debt scandal and the USD700 million deposit into his personal account which Najib and his supporters called a donation to Umno even tho many big wigs if not all in Umno do not know about it until that fateful expose by the WSJ. 

Read this well written blog post by JMD for further background:

Happy Independence Day, Malaysia!

I think you really have to have a brain with the dexterity and flexibility of a gymnast to be able to swallow the story that the USD700 million is a donation to Umno from a Middle Eastern nation, especially when Najib is not only Presiden of Umno but also the PM and Minister of Finance of Malaysia. In truth it is plain corruption money and he should be investigated by the authorities....listen to this video of Dr Mahathir:

Kita sudah merdeka dari penjajah British 58 tahun dahulu, 
Sekarang kita mesti merdeka dari pemimpin-pemimpin yang rasuah,
Pemimpin rasuah tidak boleh membina negara yang makmur dan aman damai,
kerana mereka hanya akan memikirkan kesenangan dunia untuk mereka 
dan kroni mereka sahaja

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