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Malay Supremacy James Chin? I think its human Greed !

You ought to read James Chin article:

The Costs of Malay Supremacy

I think its wrong to blame a race for the ills that plague this blessed nation, its more about Greed, and Greed Mr Chin sir cuts through race and religion.

Here is a bit more lengthy article from one of my wassap group written by a Malay which totally debunked Mr Chin's wacky and I must say bordering on racism article:

My brief comment: to the article written by one James Chin, in the Malaysian Chronicle. MALAYSIA IN CRISIS: THE COSTS OF MALAY SUPREMACY
Prior to what Mahathir did for 22 years, yes the non-Malays especially the Chinese were controlling almost 90 of the economy. This racial imbalance in the economy does not reflect the ethnic composition of the country. Although the Malays dominated the political.scene, the non-Malays especially the Chinese were dominating the economies. With their economic power, the Chinese began to flecks their muscles and thumbing their nose at the Malay ruling majority to finally resulted in the May 13 1969 race riot. This awaken the Malays that their supposed political domination and their sacrifice to share political power with the non Malays were not being appreciated rather they were.looked down upon because of their economic deficiencies.

The Chinese domination of the economic environment does not allow Malays to venture beyond the level of petty traders. The Chinese knew this and the Malay knew this.

Under the British rule, the Chinese with their businesses, lives in towns and urban areas with all the upto date facilities - electricity, telephones, schools. The Chinese were allowed to have their own schools with their teaching staff coming from China and Taiwan. This allowed.the Chinese to further their tertiary education to their motherland and this kept them attached to ancestorial home. This makes the Chinese a more informed and knowledgeable community.

Contrary to the Chinese the Malays were mostly peasants living in rural areas without electricity. Schools were makeshift mud floors and bamboo walls and nipah roofs. Opportunities for tertiary education was negligible to the extend of non-existent. Their level of  knowledge do not exceed standard 6. But that is enough to put them in the clerical service of the British administrations.

Those from the Malay elite, were given a further opportunity to further their studies to a selected boarding schools.and thereby a opportunity to further their education in London or Singapore. These small number of elitist Malay will be groomed by the British to take over the administration of the country if and when the British left. But the majority are in the kampungs. Most do not have access to electricity, safe drinking water or even good medical treatment. Schools have no libraries. Homes have no radios. They were ignorant of the outside world.

Within these constrains, definitely the Malays are left far behind in almost every field compared to a more urban Chinese. But does the British bother? No! They only care for their trade and exploiting the rich resources of Malaya.

Since the Chinese have connections to their home country, they also have business connections everywhere with their country men who have migrated to other parts of the world. This put the Chinese far ahead in the business world compared to a Malay who are more likely to be a government servant than a business man. When the British finally left Malaya, the British trained Malay elit took over the political and administration of Malaya. The Malays were asked by the British to accept the Chinese in the political administration of Malaya though the Chinese were more interested in running their business. The Chinese have no problem with Malays dominating the political landscape as long as they can carry out their business without hindrance. And the Malays too have no problem as long as they feel that they are in control of the political administration of Malaya.

In fact this occupational setup was fine until the Chinese began to demand more say in the political administration. As time goes by, the Malays began to feel that their political domination is being threatened. And it blew up on May 13 1969.

The writer stated in his last paragraph;  "The Malay agenda is hurting Malaysia".  The writer is trying to blame the present political and economic crisis on the Malay. Well he is wrong. It is not the Malay agenda that is hurting Malaysia. It is greed that is hurting Malaysia.
Why is it in the US, the economy is crumbling and most world economists are predicting the collapse of the American dreams. There is no Malay agenda there yet the economy is floundering? The answer is GREED.
Why do you think the Americans are fighting all over the world. GREED. Wars bring billions of dollars to the oligarch of the American Empire. These people thrives on the misery of others. Why do you think that Greece is in a economic crisis? GREED. Why do you think that Ukraine is a failed state? GREED. The EC and the greedy investors wanted to take over the Greek assets. The thousands of beautiful islands for their own secluded retreat.

GREED by the the "Corportocracies", by those greedy bankers and investors and fund managers. Micheal Hudson in his book title "Killing the Host: How Financial Parasites and Debt Bondage Destroy the Global Economy", stated that the economy will collapse when the parasites will be destroyed togather with the host.

It is easy to blame the Malay agenda. That is what the Chinese wanted. 

The Corportocracy wants to privatised  every public asset and bankrup the Government. Then put pressure upon the rakyat to increase taxes (GST) while at the same time reducing corporate taxes. Thus making the rich richer and the poor poorer. This is a liberal capitalists agenda and our leaders fall into this traps. But the blame fell upon "the Malay agenda". How convenient.

The reasons why the blame fall upon the "Malay agenda" was because these privatisation went to the Malay cronies. Not to certain Chinese. So these Chinese blames it upon the Malay agenda. Look at the 1MDB, who was the man behind all the fiasco? Jho Low. Oh excuse me is he a Malay? There was once a man called Vincent Tan, and then another Lim Pek King. Oh another one Eric Chia or was it George Tan and so many others. Were they Malays? All this Malay agenda are bullshit. While the Chinese are cashing in and making billions, they immediately point their fingers at the Malays whenever they fail in their investments.

Facts are, even Malays do not benefits from these privatisations by the Malay ruling elit. In fact, Malays are the first to suffer because they were on the marginal lifeline. All those talk about special privileges of the Malays were in reality Malays who are in the corridors of power. If this "Malay special privileges" were true, why do we see on "TV3 Bersamamu" poor Malays living in makeshift hut or even in stables for goats and cows. These people should be living in banglows driving BMWs. But instate we saw daily the Chinese were living in bangloos and driving BMWs, yet they point fingers at the Malay agenda.
So let us stop fooling around and admit that the problem facing our country is GREED by those that we have entrusted to take care of us - be they Malays or Chinese or Indians. Greed knows no bounds. Greed cuts across race and religions. This is our enemy. This is our number one enemy. Let us all fight th[truncated by WhatsApp]


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Rosly Dhoby is what you should google said...

James Chin a china man from fuchow who went to sarawak dont know shit about Sarawak history to comment about the malays.

Rosli Dhoby was the Malay who fought the Christian murderer Duncan Stewart from stealing from the natives land.
Rosli Dhoby killed Duncan Stewart as he deserved, pretending to be the owner of Sarawak.
The Malays were only defending their Sarawak land from the Christian invaders.
Of course it was a fight for supremacy.