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Praise be to Allah that the Federal Court upholds Conviction of Anwar Ibrahim for sodomy

Anwar’s Sodomy II: Timeline (12.14pm)
10 FEBRUARY 2015 @ 8:25 AM

PUTRAJAYA: Below is the timeline from Palace of Justice where the verdict on Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim’s Sodomy II is expected to be made.

12.14pm: The Federal Court fixed 1pm today for Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim to mitigate for a lesser sentence for sodomising his former aide Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan.

12.11pm: The Federal Court upholds conviction of Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, finds him guilty of sodomising former aide

11.31am: Anwar's eyes closed, face pointing to the floor as he sat in the dock

11.22am: Arifin says the panel agrees that mere degradation has no effect on DNA profiling in this case.

11.20am: Arifin says DNA samples were credible despite the degradation

11.12am: Arifin says there had been no infringement of Anwar's constitutional rights when he was arrested and the samples collected from the items in the lockup.

10.59am: Arifin says the present panel agrees that there is corroborative evidence to support Saiful's testimony. He says PW1(Saiful) is not a willing participant.

10.58am: Arifin: Evidence Act does not require corroboration in sexual offences and that credibility of complainant is enough.

10.52am: Arifin: Court of Appeal find that the evidence of the carpet, where the KY Jelly was allegedly poured on during the act, is not a critical piece of evidence.

10.48am: Arifin: Court of Appeal agreed that delayed in lodging of reports in sexual cases was due to various psychological factors like honour among others. Court of Appeal upheld the credibility of Saiful

10.44am: Arifin: Prosecution argued that Saiful's testimony was strong due to its consistency. Argued that lapse of time explain why there was no tear in Saiful's anus from the act.

10.42am: Arifin: There was doubt on whether the sodomy lasted several minutes or 30 minutes.

10.38am: Arifin says, the High Court acquitted Anwar at the end of defence. The High Court judge said it was unlikely that sperm cells could be lifted from the samples after the great lapse of time. The judge said the cutting of the envelopes containing the samples by Jude brings doubt into integrity of samples. The Court of Appeal reversed the acquittal, ruling that the forensic experts were armchair experts. Anwar's ground of appeal touched on credibility of Saiful

10.36am: Arifin: During defence stage of high court trial, two forensic experts from Australia said great time span had passed before tests were done on the samples.

10.32am: Arifin added the DNA profiles were lifted from the samples, which matched those on the mineral bottle water, among others. This indicated they came from a common source. High Court judge had ruled that a prima facie case was established against Anwar and he was ordered to enter his defence.

Anwar had given statement from the dock, alleging conspiracy among others. That PW1 (Saiful) had political connections, that Anwar was old and weak, among others.

10.29am: Arifin says, the appellant was later detained, and given a ‘Good Morning’ towel, toothpaste, and a mineral bottle. The items were later left in the lockup and found by the policemen. The items were placed in individual envelopes and sealed. They were handed to PW25 at IPK Kuala Lumpur. They were stored in a steel cabinet. The samples were later handed to chemist Nor Aidora.

10.24am: Arifin says, investigating officer Jude Blacious Pereira was present during the examination.

Samples were put into sample bags and given to Jude on June 29, 2008.

A witness testified she did not see evidence of tampering with the samples.

Sperm cells were found in the samples following chemist test.

10.21am: Arifin added Mohd Saiful later went to Pusrawi Hospital, complaining of pains in the anus as he was sodomised.

Mohd Saiful then went to Hospital Kuala Lumpur, where he told Dr Daniel he was sodomised by Anwar.

Mohd Saiful was then advised to lodge a police report.

Two policemen came and gave Mohd Saiful a police report form to fill up.

Two rectal swabs were taken from Mohd Saiful's rectum.

10.18am: Arifin says Anwar had instructed Saiful in a angry tone to come into the bedroom. Anwar, clad in towel, hugged Saiful. Carnal intercourse takes place and Saiful was invited to have refreshments, before he left the unit

10.14am: Chief Justice Tun Arifin Zakaria starts reading the summary of the case. Arifin explains offence and punishment for unnatural carnal intercourse under Section 377B of the Penal Code. He added penetration alone is sufficient to constitute offence.

Arifin says Mohd Saiful started working for Anwar in early 2008, preparing work schedules, among others. Arifin describes the events leading to the alleged sodomy, with Mohd Saiful asked to bring documents to the condo unit.

10.12am: Chief Justice Tun Arifin Zakaria, Court of Appeal President Tan Sri Md Raus Sharif and the other three Federal Court bench members enter the courtroom

9.06am: DAP advisor Lim Kit Siang and his son, Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng enter the courtroom.

9.04am: Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, wife Datin Seri Azizah Ismail and daughter Nurul Izzah arrive in court

8.57am: Lead prosecutor Tan Sri Dr Muhammad Shafee Abdullah enters the courtroom.

8.36am: Gobind Singh Deo and Ramkarpal Singh, part of Anwar's legal team, enter courtroom.

8.30am: Datuk Seri Gopal Sri Ram, lead counsel for Anwar Ibrahim enters courtroom

8.15am: Pockets of Anwar’s supporters seen in front of the Palace of Justice

8am: About 200 of the opposition leader’s supporters gather in front of the Tuanku Mizan Zainal Abidin mosque to march to the Palace of Justice

7am: Hordes of reporters, photographers and videographers from the local and foreign media have converged in front of the court complex

6.30am: Muhd Saiful Bukhari Azlan’s lawyer, Zamri Idrus arrives at Palace of Justice

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