Wednesday, 7 May 2014

PAS's Hudud edges Pakatan to its breaking point, a house divided will not stand

In last year's GE13 the loose and unregistered Pakatan Rakyat parties made up of the dominant Chinese chauvinist party the DAP together with PKR and PAS rode on 90% support of Malaysian Chinese voters to win an unprecedented 89 seats in Parliamen. Thank God BN was  saved by Malay votes for UMNO who obtained 88 seats together with the Bumiputra votes for the Sarawak and Sabah BN obtaining the balance 45 seats.

PAS buoyed by the overwhelming support of 90% Malaysian Chinese voters thought that after 1 year of its success it would be a good time to bring their dream of Hudud to the fore. I bet when UMNO say they are not saying no but wants it to be studied before being implemented, it just stumped the ustads from PAS. Painted into a corner by UMNO who called their bluff, PAS has no choice but attempt to have Hudud debated in Parliament through a Private Members Bill…then all 'hell' broke lose in Pakatan, the Chinese who supported Pakatan parties (The   Zongs, Gerakan and MCA members also lah) were horrified and make their feelings known …NO TO HUDUD.

Well Blogger Helen Ang came up with a good observation:

I agree with Helen.

My Additional Comments:

1. 90% orang Cina yang sokong Pakatan = Sokong DAP = Sokong PAS = Sokong Hudud

2. Orang Cina mahu tekan MCA buat apa? Apa yang MCA boleh buat? MCA menang 7 kerusi Parlimen sahja itu pun atas ehsan orang Melayu Islam. On the other hand DAP menang 39 kerusi Parlimen. Ada nampak beza.

3. Kalau orang Cina tidak menerima kenyataan ini makna DAP kena minta maaf kepada setiap orang Cina yang mengundi Pakatan kerana telah menipu mereka bahawa PAS tidak berminat kepada Hudud.

Mark my word PAS dan Hudud tidak dapat dipisahkan, PAS's very existence depends on Hudud that is what they have promised their core supporters, the Malay Muslims.

The Pakatan of DAP,PAS,PKR due to its divergent political motives and objectives will not last.

A house divided will not stand.

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