Thursday, 8 May 2014

ISMA reply to DAP's hate speech : 'Au Contraire, Monsieur Lim Kit Siang!'

ISMA is not such a bad organization after all, one thing these young people have is the balls to say what they want to say, and in this article they tell off DAP dinosaur Lim Kit Siang:

Au Contraire, Monsieur Lim Kit Siang!

Mr Lim Kit Siang, thanks to your speech, (above) we now have a clearer understanding of what ticks off a leader of a political party which is based on Secular Socialist ideology.
We now understand that DAP will never accept a Malaysian nation filled with an Islamic identity, where its majority Muslim inhabitants live their life with a purpose and an agenda as prescribed by the Quran and the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him).
The idea of a nation which upholds the supremacy of Islam and the unified stand of Malaysian Muslims against the influx of ideologies and practices foreign to Islam (Secularism, Socialism, Chauvinistic Racism, Christian Evangelism, LGBT etc) is so reprehensible to the DAP National Adviser that the only medium to vent his fear and phobia of Islamic supremacy is through malicious verbosity aimed at the purported “enemy” of the nation.
It is an effective strategy of camouflaging one own’s hidden (but publicly open secret) political agenda that goes against the very noble national interests that he accuses the Muslim groups (ISMA, PERKASA and the rest) of trying to destroy.
The above speech is really an attempt to strike at the entities or “perceived enemies” whom the DAP Supremo tried to portray to his crowd and the nation as being the “real enemy” of Malaysia, its unity, harmony, co-existence and tolerance.
Whereas it is a well-known and documented fact these are the group and organisation who have been spearheading a campaign to return the Malays and Muslims to a state of self-confidence about the intrinsic values deeply entrenched in the Islamic faith and utmost respect and honour to the motherland, a reality undoubtedly lost to the nationalistic mind of Mr Lim Kit Siang.
ISMA as an Islamic NGO will never cave in the malicious propaganda currently being marketed in the mainstream social current in whatever brand it may take – Liberalism, Secularism, Socialism, Evangelism dam Muslim Moderates.
And it will never stop, falter or hesitate at the forefront and frontline position in the defence of the national Muslim identity and the protection of the coming generations of the Muslim sons and daughters of the soil.
It is the Muslims themselves and not ISMA, who will debunk and destroy the fallacious myth and self-imposed notion that DAP as a political party is the real protector of liberty and freedom in this country. Or that it is very Islam-friendly.
Your days are numbered DAP, despite the apparent control and supremacy over certain sections of the community.
Your ideological extremism will one day be uprooted from this Malaysian soil and shall be deservedly thrown to the deep bottom of history.
The only poison and venom that is threatening the Muslims and this nation, Mr Lim Kit Siang, is none other than DAP. It is DAP’s “Malaysian Dream” that will deal a fatal blow to the unity and harmony achieved due to the gratuitous unreciprocated concessions of the Malays/Muslims freedom fighters to whom DAP (and the Chinese) should be very much grateful.
In order to achieve DAP’s “Malaysian Dream”, may we suggest that DAP start the ball rolling by calling for the restructuring of all Chinese vernacular schools in Malaysia to be integrated with that of the national schools?
Does DAP have the courage to persuade all Chinese business and corporate entities to consider job applications based on qualifications, and not the applicant’s race and fluency in Mandarin?
Would DAP dare change its animosity and resistance to the implementation of Islamic laws in Malaysia by supporting the Hudud Enactment to be tabled in Parliament?
Do you possess the moral resoluteness to discipline your comrades (and your members too) over increasingly provocative statements and comments sensitive to the Malays and the Muslims?
What about the headlines in the social media and portals (aligned to Pakatan Rakyat) whose angle of reporting aims at nothing but to incite racial animosity, hatred, religious ill will and bordering on racial slurs and seditious statements? Shouldn’t they be severely criticised too for undermining and dividing the country on the lines of race, religion, language and nationality?
These are the very elements being allowed without restraint (and sometimes with tacit approval) because they share the same unpatriotic sentiments and liberal ideals of “Malaysian Dream”) with the opposition front.
You see, those whom you call as anti-Malaysian and extremists are the real moderates with an upright and sincere outlook of life, as against  the anti-Malaysian and extreme ideology implicitly endorsed by your party.
And yes, you are very correct.
Never before has our beautiful nation called Malaysia been so divided.
DAP should know better.
Muhammad Luttfi Abdul Khalid
Yang Dipertua ISMA Cawangan Sg Petani
Muhammad Luttfi is a practicing lawyer at Sg Petani.

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