Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Statement On National Reconciliation by YAB PM Najib Razak

Januari 29th, 2014 by Najib Razak

At today’s cabinet meeting, my ministers and I examined a plan to develop and promote an environment which is conducive to and will help promote national reconciliation through unity and consensus in the country.

I had mooted this idea following the General Elections but various parties were not conducive to my appeals to come together. The legitimacy of the elections were even questioned by them and it was proven to be baseless. I am now heartened to see that the Opposition is calling for a consensus and I am sure that they will welcome this new development.

Unlike vague ideas about a consensus, the government’s national reconciliation plan will be based on four key thrusts namely, social, political, government and international relations and going forward, I will lead the implementation of changes that we hope will bring all Malaysians closer together.

The government’s plan is based on democratic principles and we will continue to defend the freedom to voice one’s views but this must also be tempered with responsibility. In order for all this to succeed, we must all commit to avoid spreading lies and slander, finally putting to rest the politics of hate.

There is also a need to go back to the grassroots and re-engage with the people to build their commitment to our common vision of a peaceful, successful and harmonious Malaysia. We must also get our youths involved in these initiatives to unite the people. We must work towards a Social Unity Model that can help ensure that unity remains a common objective in the activities of the next generation.

I must make it clear that these plans do not include the formation of any sort of unity government. We were given a strong mandate by the people to govern at the last General Elections and we intend to do so. However, we must look at becoming more inclusive in our activities and events. We are open to talking to all parties and we can use Parliament including the setting up of bi-partisan committees to discuss issues affecting national unity.

Over the next few months, you will see changes that will help make Malaysia a stronger, more united and cohesive nation. I invite all Malaysians to join me on this journey.

My Take:

1. Well, let me be perfectly frank, I hope that this National Reconciliation Plan is not another 1Malaysia which meant different things to different people.

2. I hope also that this plan does not mean appeasement of one whose grip on the economy has got to a point that it is becoming very counter productive to Malaysia's unity.

3. Those who commit to spreading lies and slander should be dealt with by the Polis who should be equipped with the necessary Laws to put them in jail, freedom of speech notwithstanding must have limits. Loose words will incite and cause hatred.

4. PM Najib can Start National Reconciliation now by declaring that any By Election not caused by the death of the incumbent or by a Court Order will not be participated by Barisan Nasional. This is to ensure that troublemakers cannot sodomise the electoral process for their own selfish greed be it political or personal. PM Najib should lead Malaysia away from these people the likes of Anwar and his bunch of hypocrites who thinks nation building is by way of politicking and forced bye-elections.

Thank You.

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