Friday, 1 November 2013

The battle for a One School For All System has been lost but the war is not over yet


The Gomen has decided, The National Education Blueprint (2014-2025) was announced in September 2013:

It seems that the battle for an integrated One School For All System is lost when the Gomen still insisted that Malaysia should be the only odd man out in being the ONLY country in this world to have a vernacular school education system in parallel to the National Schools. 

In fact DPM Muhyiddin said in Kedah recently that vernacular schools will exist in Malaysia selagi ada 'bulan dan bintang' and promptly gave a mind boggling RM1 million to a 15 student Chinese school that even got myself and PAS baffled. Mind you despite what many supporters of vernacular school says, there is no provision in our Perlembagaan for vernacular schools read here, here and here

I cannot understand nor comprehend why an education system that is systematically destroying our integration and unity as a nation should be allowed to continue for so long. According to the Statistics people, Malaysia's demography will change a lot by 2025 and beyond because the birth rate of the Chinese and Indians is declining compared to the Malays/Bumis:

Source: Jabatan  Perangkaan Negara here
Malaysia is a prosperous nation and no doubt shall remain so for a very long time because all Malaysians be they Malays, Bumis, Chinese, Indians equally work hard in their own special way for the nation to succeed and ALL wants peace and stability necessary for economic growth. 

The increase in population especially of the Malays/Bumis meant that the Chinese and Indians must somehow find a way to integrate themselves with the majority to ensure peace and stability of this blessed nation and there are no alternatives and certainly this voluntary segregation by vernacular schools way is not the way. Do not underestimate the power of Bahasa Melayu..our very close neighbors Indonesia will  be the top six world economy by 2030 and we can sure trade with them, by then Indonesia will have a population of 300 million people and together with a strong English proficient people the World is Malaysia's oyster.

The best way to integrate is to have a one school for all system where our young will be able to mix around to understand each other religion and culture more at an early stage, the National Blueprint ending 2025 may be a temporary medium term project but it will have to transform into a One School For All System with some adjustments to ensure that the Constitution is followed in the future, Malaysia's demographic change demands it.

For now the battle for a One School For All System/Satu Sekolah Untuk Semua has been lost, but hey the war is not over yet, It ain't over until the Fat Lady sings.

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Anonymous said...

I think the government could take the first decisive step in this by launching say, 10 High-Quality National Schools (in terms of infrastructure & instruction) in Selangor that have integrated curriculums which cater in a systematic manner to the Chinese and Indian ethnic groups. Set the example for all to see. For instance, one could incorporate 2 or 3 Tamil/Chinese vernacular subjects into a larger integrated National school system, and deeply involve the Tamil/Chinese staff in the management of such schools which are of course open to all races. And as an important feature of solidarity in today's cosmopolitan setting, give the English language added emphasis as well.
A Chinese friend of mine graduated from one such school in Cheras and he comes across as a confident young gentleman who is proficient in BM, BC, and BI languages.
May God bless us all in this noble endeavour, and assist us to increase in excellence.