Friday, 8 November 2013

Freedom of Speech must have limits, Gomen must curb COMANGO before its too late

These COMANGO group are really in full  shit stirring gear mode, these people either have nothing better to do or are bent in pushing the tolerant Malays and Muslims to become aggressive ferocious Talibans, Malay Muslims patience has its limits too. 

Either way these COMANGO people needed to be investigated by KDN, they have to be curbed. Freedom of Speech must have limitations, we do not live in a vacuum, these COMANGO people must be controlled before the country explode in communal and religious violence, a small group of people cannot be allowed to impose their dangerous ideas on the majority. They are also challenging the Perlembagaan, isn't that against the Law?

Something I want to copy paste from the Unspinner blog, hope they don't mind, as they say sharing is caring:

COMANGO cabar asas Perlembagaan dan keamanan

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Anonymous said...

Kesian Tun M dapat seorang anak yang haprak macam Marina.

Untung Anwar dapat seorang anak yang pro-LGBT dan pro-murtad macam Nurul Izzah.

Marina dan Nurul Izzah - sama-sama tak boleh pakai, sama-sama agen perosak agama, bangsa dan negara.