Thursday, 17 October 2013

To build world class buildings that last, we must have first class maintenance culture too

I am always fascinated by tall buildings/structures, men's ingenuity to build taller is only bounded by the known material that we have to use for construction:

Current tall building construction, mind blowing:

Some of the world's tallest building:

People all over the world can argue until the cow comes home about which is the highest towers/buildings in the world, but you know what, Malaysia still have the highest twins....

File:Petronas Twin Towers.JPG

The twin Towers of Petronas the nation symbol of prosperity and development..Malaysia Boleh! Boleh maintain world class facilities long after it has been built lah, where there is will there is way. 

I hope Government Ministers who plans to build new world class facilities would ensure that the maintenance culture long after a building's completion are adhered to the letter. Tak mahu ada bumbung bocor, bumbung roboh, paip bocor, rumput mati dlm stadium dan lain lain hal yang memalukan. Thank You.

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