Sunday, 13 October 2013

Kj dan Shahrizat menang, tahniahlah, tetapi jangan lupa Fasal 3 Perlembagaan UMNO OK

The Wanita, Pemuda and Puteri Wing election 2013 is over...Congratulations to the elected namely Shahrizat, Khairy and the new Puteri Chief. Best now to come together, there are a bigger battles for the coveted Putrajaya against Pakatan Rakyat looming in the horizon.

I have much to say but suffice to say I am not disappointed with the result as it is expected, with KJ made Minister and Shahrizat appointed as Advisor with Ministerial Status just before the elections, the result can be nothing less. I was disappointed  that it was not a direct election per se though, as they counted using Bahagians much like the electoral college system. Anyway a win is a win and unless there are documented evidence of manipulation then all UMNO people, the members and the supporters included would have to accept it. UMNO people have to move forward. The Pakatan people are already jumping with joy with the UMNO results, kenapa tak percaya? read Helen Ang's blog here. We have no time to lose ya.

Don't worry friends its not the end for UMNO, the party dominated the Parlimen and took back Kedah and Perlis after PRU13 even with a clueless Pemuda, Wanita and Puteri, because folks what matters is the VPs and the Majlis Tertinggi and of course the President and Timbalan Presiden working as a solid unit together with other BN Parties Sarawak and Sabah. 

Rais Yatim an UMNO senior veteran says it best yesterday, excerpts from the Star:

On Shahrizat:

"Shahrizat need not look back anymore as the party has endorsed her," 

"There have been innuendoes of wrongdoing, but the Wanita movement has given her a springboard of new support. So that is actually an endorsement of her,"

On Khairy:

"His coming back to lead the youth is a full endorsement of what he did in the past,"

My thots: Khairy's victory speech was full of self praise for his 'progressive and liberal' agenda, so many agenda lah, martabatkan Melayu etc, so his Agenda in UMNO is what really? Khairy is a very clever politician, his victory margin from the Bahagian system shows it, but I think Khairy should learn to show to the Malays that he is  a true leader who will be magnanimous in victory and not call his opponents regressive etc. they are after all UMNO people too. Better read Blogger Jebat Must Die post here too. Remember after Pemuda, Khairy needs to get into the big boy group of Vice Presidential hopefuls..plenty of conservatives non liberal UMNO big boys there ya and they can work as a team, a formidable team.

For both Khairy and Shahrizat, Rais Yatim has this to say:

"Umno should make it compulsory for them to understand the struggle under Article 3 of the Umno constitution and there has to be intensive training and retraining with regards to this. Umno has to take care of the next general elections and article 3 has to be the foundation for all in the general elections,"

Fasal 3 Perlembagaan Umno menyenarai tanggungjawab dan matlamat perjuangan UMNO sebagai sebuah parti politik yang berjuang mendukung cita-cita kebangsaan Melayu demi mempertahankan maruah agama, bangsa dan negara.
Source Utusan here

In all these fog of election agendas and personal glories all UMNO leaders and supporters whether they are conservatives, non-liberal, progressive, liberal or regressive must be truly aware and uphold Article 3 of the UMNO Constitution. Otherwise they are really in the wrong party.

Hidup Melayu!

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