Friday, 31 August 2012

Does some in Janjibersih wants to "Wage a war against the Yang DiPertuan Agung"?

I noticed something very disturbing from the various Pro PR and PRO BN blogs reports on the illegal gathering by the JanjiBersih crowd at Dataran Merdeka last night.

Some in the Janjibersih crowd unfurled  flags very much similar to the flags of the republic of Indonesia and the Republic of Singapore, both countries without Monarchs as their Head of State:

30th August 2012 near Dataran Merdeka. Source here.

I thought the flag was just a prank by some Janjibersih crowd to create attention to themselves BUT Now here is the disturbing part, this kind of pamphlet  were distributed at Dataran Merdeka:


For 55 years since Merdeka there has never been such blatant disrespect to the Jalur Gemilang a symbol of this sovereign nation we call Malaysia. Our soldiers and police officers died and lost their limbs in defence of this nation under the Jalur Gemilang flag, We celebrated our achievements in sports and other matters with the Jalur Gemilang. The Jalur Gemilang is the national symbol of this sovereign and independent nation.

I do not know what their intention are in wanting to change the Jalur Gemilang but if they think that they want to change Malaysia to a Republic like Singapore or Indonesia then they will have to go through very many pissed off Malaysians who swears their loyalty to the Yang diPertuan Agung and Raja-Raja Melayu and this blessed Country.

In fact the people behind the pamphlet to change the Jalur Gemilang should be investigated by the authorities, They could have intentions to Wage War Against the Yang DiPertuan Agung you know. Refer here.


Anonymous said...

REACTION: Those pill poppers/leaves smokers/vein injectors could either be under influence (most probably) or plain stupid and unpatriotic. Send them to Pulau Bedong with their leaders and let them create a nation of democrats from scratch without water, food or equipment for infrastructure and then bomb them to kingdom come.

de engineur said...

This is very disturbing and I'm totally against such provocative gesture by some quarters claiming to be bersih. Apparently there's nothing bersih in their agenda.

Then again, as you mentioned - sovereignty - in your posting, I think that procrastination on the part of the current leaders in ridding this land (including Sabah) of illegal immigrants can also mean the same thing. Total disrespect to the sovereignty of the nation of Malaysia

Anonymous said...

A Malay proverb says: Sudah terang lagi bersuluh.

Go figure...