Thursday, 2 August 2012

Congrats to George Kent-Lion Pacific JV, but....

So the wait for the international bid for the Engineering Procurement Construction Testing and Commissioning of System Works for the Ampang LRT extension is over. Finally George Kent-Lion Pacific JV got the lucrative job after much controversy.

Congratulations to the George Kent-Lion Pacific JV for winning the bid despite fierce competition from other highly qualified and experienced bidders namely: 

1.George Kent-China Railway Construction-Tewet GmbH; 
2.Posco-Sojitz-Daewoo International-Thales; 
3.Invensys-Balfour Beatty Rail-Ingress; 
4.Colas-CMC Engineering-Thales; 
6.SNC Lavalin-WW Engineering-Bombardier; 
7.Siemens-Scomi Engineering 

But wait a minute how come George Kent won the bid in a JV with Lion Pacific whereas its original bid for the project is in JV/Grouping with China Railway Construction and Tewet GmbH?  

Can a JV/Grouping name change be allowed after a bid has been closed under an international bid?

What is the implication of this JV/Grouping name change on award, and what would be the reaction of the other international heavyweights who bid for this project? 

Sekadar bertanya untuk rujukan akan datang. Wallahu a’lam.

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Anak Jati Perak said...

Something is not quite right here. I think the Govt need some explaining to do. Company A submitted a bid and won, but it is not A who got the job but A2.