Tuesday, 29 May 2012

PRU13, just vote wisely, vote Barisan Nasional for National stability

Much has been predicted about the timing of the coming PRU13, so far none has been accurate. Dr. Mahathir is again giving advise to PM Najib who is the only person alive that knows when the Malaysian elections will be called. 

As PM it is a tough job made more difficult if the timing is all wrong like what ex-PM Abdullah Badawi found out in March 2008. That time Abdullah lost the BN 2/3rd majority and with it his Prime Minister post, even though BN was only short of 8 seats from attaining the magical 2/3rd majority. A precedent of sort has been established with Abdullah's exit, so PM Najib will be extra careful on his timing, he has about a year left before the next GE must be called and I believe he will want to make sure that he will better Abdullah's "achievement" in 2008. If he can't get back the 2/3rd majority in Parliament, at least he must recapture Selangor and Kedah. UMNO is an unforgiving party as far as its President/PM performance in the polls is concerned.

While PM Najib is biding his time, I will tell you why you should not vote for the Pakatan of the DAP, PKR and PAS, no I don't hate them, hate clouds your thinking, no its not about PAS losing its direction, its not about PKR single mindedness to put Anwar Ibrahim as the next Prime Minister (God Forbid) when clearly this man is morally unfit to become a leader of the top 20 trading nation in the world, its not even about the hypocrisy of Lim Kit Siang or his son's Guan Eng draconian and racist personality or even about the token Sikh in the DAP, Karpal Singh saying that Malaysia's PM should be Guan Eng or I suppose for that matter anybody not Malay. 

It is this:

1. The DAP, PKR and PAS could not even agree on a single candidate for "PM in waiting" since 2008. If they get to Putrajaya there will be utter chaos with each of them fighting for the PM post, who will run this blessed country of ours while they bicker to the death? Who will want to invest in this top trading nation?

2.  The DAP, PKR and PAS could still not form a shadow cabinet since 2008 which will tell us Malaysians whether their Buku Jingga some say jingle book is serious policy or just hot steam  which quickly evaporates in thin air as soon as the results of the GE13 is known. All they say is give us a chance, BN had theirs. Well they were given chances to rule Selangor, Perak, Kedah, Penang and Kelantan and by all accounts nothing in the way of progressive change had happened. None of the States have a unified policy everybody go their own way. Pakatan spells disaster.

If that does not convince you then I would  like to share with you Tuan Syed's description of the Pakatan leaders and members, source here:

"As for the opposition here are some facts. Their leaders and supporters are :

convicted criminals, ex jailbirds who were jailed for torturing women, ex ISA detainees, homosexuals, gay activists, racial chauvinists, religious freaks, social misfits, UMNO rejects, people who had multiple marriage break ups, people who had affairs with multiple partners (read Stop The Lies in my Blog Roll), people who have been caught on camera (video as well as digital cameras) in very compromising situations (lelaki Melayu dua, wanita China satu), religious hypocrites who beat up their wives (ada Police Report) and bankrupts. And now, as the stomach churns, they themselves have denounced some of their lying cheerleaders as 'liars' - after he started writing against their leader. There are names for each of these categories (I think you can fill in the blanks yourselves). That is the Opposition. 

And they say they are not corrupt. Pi dah mabuk. I agree with Helen Ang that they are more corrupt. We have already seen what they are doing in Selangor. Just wait and see. They will hang themselves. "

So Malaysians Vote BN, its the only  trusted choice we have until we have a viable Opposition Coalition who can be trusted to lead this multi-racial and multi-religious nation to greater heights.

A Vote for Barisan Nasional is a Vote for National Stability

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Anonymous said...

i agree with you for reasons that you've mentioned.

if i may, i'd like to add some, while its true that corruption has been happening, even as we speak, it is our responsibility to change that. as Muslims, we know that it's morally wrong and we should change for the better.

while PAS is a religious party (which I'd say Alhamdulillah because they are trying to implement Islam in a holistic manner in our country) and that they are fighting for the sake of the religion (well, at least, that is what is being potrayed, only God knows what's in their hearts), PAS lack experience to govern the country. Not just PAS, other political parties too. They promise Malaysians a lot of things, just to win Malaysians' heart for the election. The question is, can they really implement and give Malaysians what they have promised?

Hence, BN should be the first choice, for the sake of the country and for Muslims' well being too. True, the politicians in BN might not have as much knowledge about Islamic rulings and the religion itself, hence the ulama' and even PAS should stand side by side to give advice on religious matter and help fill in what's lacking; not just simply judge them for their lack of knowledge. No one is perfect after all. Wassalam :)