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Parents should never be allowed to bring children to street rallies it could turn ugly

Updated 8 May 2012:

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I strongly believe that children should NEVER be put into harm's way and can never understand why parents bring along their little ones to the BERSIH rally. In fact, I joined a few parents in not participating at the BERSIH 2.0 last year when we saw a number of participants with children near Kota Raya. How can we call ourselves parents when we expose our children to all negativities related to rallies, especially so when it is politically motivated. How naive can we be to think that BERSIH 3.0 is just going to be a walk in the park. Have we not learn anything from BERSIH 2.0? With that in mind, my friends and I decided to stay away from BERSIH 3.0, not because we do not believe in clean and fair elections but the negative impact far outweighs the positive of such rallies. To the BERSIH 3.0 organisers, please take issues to a round-table discussion. Press and press on further until all issues are ironed out and resolved. Do not take to the streets anymore. Remember that the end does not justify the means, you reap what you sow.

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So much has been written about Bersih3.0 that I don't think it is necessary to highlight the negatives, the damage has been done with the images of Polis car overturned and Polis officers being assaulted by a bersih mob gone wild uncontrolled by the Bersih3 organisers who insisted on the rally at Dataran Merdeka even though the Gomen had offered more safer venues around Kuala Lumpur. 

Bersih 3 has been infiltrated by bad political elements bent on making it as uncomfortable for the Gomen as possible in the run up to the General Election to be called sooner than later. They succeeded beyond their wildest dream in driving the Bersih crowd into a frenzy of violence against the Polis when they deliberately broke the Polis  barrier at Dataran Merdeka which prompted the Polis to fire tear gas and water cannons to control the unruly crowd.

My hope is that the Polis will in future  be tougher with rally organisers who refused to heed their instruction not to rally at a place that has been declared off-limits, they should not even be allowed to gather at any place with the intention to walk the streets to the point where the rally is not allowed. 

The Bersih3 organisers has proven absolutely that they could not control their crowd and they should be held accountable for the 28th April 2012 mob violence, they cannot be allowed to be let go just like that, it will be seen as a weakness on the part of the Polis and the Gomen and they will make any excuse to organise another Bersih rally even though we all know now that if anything needs to be cleaned it is the Bersih organisers and the bad political elements that has infiltrated its rank itself.

Talking about street political rallies, no body who participate in such rallies should expect it to be like a street festival, a walk in the park, you are all exposed to dangers to elements that are beyond your control, the 28th april 2012 mob violence is a case in point. I am particularly concerned about parents who bring their under age children to rallies, I think those parents needs to be picked up by the polis and be counselled by the Polis that taking children to rallies amounts to exposing their children to danger, injuries and god forbid death! If they are stubborn and repeat the same thing next time then these parents should know that they will face the consequences, the full force of the law.

Excerpt from the Peaceful Assembly Act:

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Parents whatever believes or cause you like that you think deserve a participation in a rally, please by all means do so, but please do not take your children too, they would not know what the hell is going on and  please remember the fear and pain that your children could be exposed too.

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Its so unfair for children to be exposed to such dangers as above.

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retireasap said...

Just goes to show that the masses are being mislead.

This is a protest march - not a walk in the park!

Stupid parents taking kids out into the thick of it to swell their numbers.

Not a good look in front of the eyes of the world.

Looking even dumber when ur PM is out drumming up business and then blocks it all by red tape.

Not a good look if trying to attract investors

my only worry now is that the young and restless Muslim radicals will do something really dumb and screw up Malaysia's development.