Saturday, 5 May 2012

NST apologised to Xenophone, Xenophone who?

Well Xenophone is the Aussie senator invited by his good friend the unelected PKR Ketua Umum Anwar Ibrahim to visit Malaysia when Bersih unleashed their demons, the rioters on the streets of Kuala Lumpur just about a week ago.

Anyway to cut a crap story short, the NST had to apologise to Xenophone for a booboo they wrote based on some report about him, read here. Good luck to the NSTlah, I think they will still get sued, he is after all Anwar's friend what and Anwar is known to sue just about everybody he knows well except for the Dato' Trios who came up with the infamous sex video with a prostitute.

Well I don't know much about Xenophon but perhaps this article will help you and me get to know him better:

Read in full here
The Aussie article is an eye opener, is this guy Xenophone for real?

Read also sifu Rocky's Bru article on Xenophone here.

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