Friday, 20 April 2012

Dear Minister, please rescind the DBKL ban on the 28th April Bersih3 sit in

"Banning the Bersih3 sit in will only play into the hands of the Pakatan who will respond with much drama on 28 April 2012 you can be sure of that."

The latest news that will boost the so obviously Pakatan sponsored Bersih3.0 sit in demonstration which chose Dataran Merdeka specifically because they expect DBKL will not approve :

City Hall says no, Bersih 3.0 to go ahead

According to the TMI, the DBKL in a one paragraph statement said that "Dataran Merdeka Untuk Acara bertaraf Nasional. Contohnya Hari Kebangsaan atau Hari Wilayah Persekutuan dan acara yang setaraf dengannya". 

Well Datuk Bandar DBKL I would like to remind you that there was a huge sit in, watching the world Cup 2010 at Dataran Merdeka. (source here). Thousands of people were sitting on the green grass of Dataran Merdeka for the finals including myself, yup, I was there. There was no trouble as people were allowed to watch the matches without let or hindrance.

I am not a fan of Bersih 1,2 or this coming Bersih 3 or later 4, its just an excuse by democrazy people who just wants to demo and I do not care to even discuss about their electoral demands as the Government had bent over backwards to suit their demands forming a PSC and some of the demands  which I think is ridiculous like the usage of indelible ink instead of computerised verification is even accepted for next GE13. 

Not being a fan of Bersih3, which by now every one knows will be reinforced by specialist demonstrators from PKR, DAP and PAS together with Himpunan Hijau and God knows who else joining in the Ambiga/Anwar bandwagon with their own agenda. 

I envisage that the ban on Bersih3 at Dataran Merdeka will cause confrontation with the PDRM and DBKL, the Authorities will have to set up road blocks to prevent people who are hell bent to sit in Dataran Merdeka from coming into  KL. This will cause massive traffic jams pissing off everybody, the democrazies and the innocent public included, on a possibly hot Saturday to boot, and when the Bersih3/Pakatan crowd gets unruly they will provoke the PDRM who will have to react with Baton Charge or lobbing tear gas much like the useless Bersih 2 which got maximum negative publicity for the BN Gomen. Ya you are right, did anybody even remember what Bersih2 was all about, what they remembered were the PDRM tear gas, the dead people coming back to life drama nothing about what Bersih2 was actually about.

Banning the Bersih3 sit in will only play into the hands of the Pakatan who will respond with much drama on 28 April 2012 you can be sure of that.

I sincerely hope that the ban on the Dataran Merdeka Sit In on Bersih 3 is rescinded. The Authorities should not give Bersih3 the publicity that they so very much need. Allow the sit in much like how the authorithies in Kuantan allowed the Himpunan Hijau gathering a couple of months back, do not give Bersih3 their CNN or Al-jazeera moments. At the time the Pahang MB aptly called the gathering a DemoTourism, brings in revenue to Kuantan folks what.

Bersih3 will die a natural death with no publicity. So please Minister, do not give them the oxygen they need, starve them of publicity by rescinding the ban.


Anonymous said...

Agree. Ni semua attention seekers.


Well put, sir. Yes, they should allow the sit in. We were involved In Bersih 1 but 2 n 3 Sudah main kotor. Allow them and then whack them hard.