Friday, 29 July 2011

The RCI conclusion that Teoh died by committing suicide will not please everybody

"Bagai rumah sudah siap tetapi pahat masih berbunyi", even though the RCI Report on Teoh Beng Hock death has been made public, there are still voices who are challenging the RCI conclusion that the late Teoh Beng Hock died by committing suicide.

The voices notably the Bar Council and presumably soon to be joined by lawyers acting for Teoh's family are saying that it could not be suicide. 

Read the RCI Report here.

Read the Bar Council Press Release here.

The Bar seemed to agree with most of the points concluded by the RCI but remains unconvinced about the suicide finding:

"The Malaysian Bar, however, does not concur with the finding by the RCI that Teoh Beng Hock had committed suicide.  Such a finding, in our view, is unsupported by the facts and the evidence"

Having read the findings of the RCI in their report in particular the FORENSIC PATHOLOGICAL ASPECT pages 38 to 45, I find that the Bar selective findings rather mind boggling. It is clear that there was no struggle before the late Teoh exited the window where he consciously jumped to his death. It is clear therefore that Teoh committed suicide.

It was noted that the RCI, in its report, established that Teoh committed suicide following an aggressive, relentless, oppressive and unscrupulous interrogation session. It also found that MACC officers had no intention and reason to kill Teoh, and had only questioned him to obtain a confession so that Teoh could become a witness in the case of alleged irregularities involving Teoh's former Boss, DAP Adun Ean Yong.

I note that while the RCI concluded that the intensive interrogation drove Teoh to commit suicide it does not however analysed why he committed suicide. I guess its not within the RCI Terms of reference.

My thoughts are:
  1. I agree that Teoh committed suicide.
  2. I wonder why he committed suicide, what was he thinking?
  3. MACC got nothing to gain with Teoh's death but plenty of brickbats from the public.
  4. Ean Yong's investigation was immediately stopped after Teoh's death, shouldn't the MACC restart the investigation?
  5. The MACC must go through the RCI report with a fine tooth comb to adhere to what have been recommended. The 3 identified MACC officers needs to be investigated for possible abuse of power.
  6. All MACC buildings must have security grill for windows and doors.
  7. Access to witnesses and suspect in the MACC building should be limited to the interrogation room and rest in toilets must be accompanied.
  8. The BN and the Government has nothing to apologize for Teoh's death by suicide.
I have no further comment on the matter for now.


Anonymous said...

1. Saya bangkang

2. sms-smsnya pada hari beliau menemui ajal menunjukkan TBH tengah memikirkan tentang persiapan untuk upacara perkahwinannya

3. Betul namum MACC tidak dituduh membunuh TBH dengan SENGAJA

4. Yes! Kalau rasuah biar dia orang dibawa ke muka pengadilan

5. 'possible' abuse of power. Dah terbukti mereka berlagak macam Gestapo

6. Kalau terjadi kebakaran, cam mana?

7. MACC kena menggaji lebih ramai orang pegawai wanitalah, jika gitu

8. Bro, aku kesian pada keluarga mendiang terutama sekali anaknya yang baru lahir tu. Kalau TBH tidak diheret ke bangunan MACC hari itu, dia akan masih hidup hari ni

eddy said...

Bro Anon,

1. Siasatan forensic tempat kejadian dan konklusi bedah siasat diatas simati oleh pakar-pakar forensik menunjukkan yang beliau bunuh diri.

2. Kes Ean Yong tidak boleh lagi dibawa kemahkamah sebab Saksi Utama, mendiang Teoh telah mati.

3. Semua bangunan tinggi ada fire escape staircase mandatori, kalau ada kebakaran jangan terjun tingkap ya.

4. MACC kena gunakan lebih banyak teknik siasatan saperti digunakan di HK, UK dan sebagainya(saperti disarankan didalam repot RCI). Mencari maklumat melalui soal siasat is only part of the investigation process. Kalau ada wanita penyiasat pun bagus, bagi saksi relaks sikit.

5. Ajal maut ditangan tuhan Bro, kalau sampai masa dia atau kita kita kena berserah kepada Illahi.

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