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Aftermath of the Bersih2 illegal demonstration on 9th July 2011

I am not going to dwell too deep  on the illegal demonstration on 9 July 2010 which forced the PDRM to virtually lock down Kuala Lumpur. I have done much twitting on it, suffice to say that the tear gas, the anxiety the anger all those angst would  not have happened if the Bersih2 organisers  had accepted the Polis offer to have their demo at Stadium Melawati, but NO they still want to do it in Kuala Lumpur. 

But then again it is an open secret that the illegal demo has never been about electoral reform it is just a rally to attempt to shore up Anwar's Ibrahim political fortune which has been taking heavy battering from the much delayed sodomy trial and the 99.9% authentic sex video with a sex worker. Other politicians all around the world with some conscious left would have resigned from public and political office, but no not Anwar unfortunately. He still wants to become PM, when will he and his supporters finally  realise that a politician who is caught on camera with a prostitute, being charged with sodomy and has a track record of being jailed for abuse of power will never be accepted as a Prime Minister to lead this blessed nation.

Want to see a great oscar winning performance:

Kudos to the IGP and the PDRM who had worked tirelessly and selflessly to keep the peace under very difficult circumstances, they have exercised much restraint and emerged from this episode with their reputation enhanced. Read here. The day ended with  a total of 1,401  detained, including 1,273 men, 115 women, 12 boys and a girl. Read here. The promised 300,000 demonstrators never materialised and Malaysiakini put the crowd at 10,000 at best, it has been one of the biggest flop in Malaysia's demonstration history.

Despite their breast beating, saying it was a victory (against what I cannot imagine) Bersih2 did not achieve anything except they have managed to piss off a lot of fence sitters and ordinary peace loving Malaysians who just want a trouble free weekend with their family and friends. I have not begun to talk about lost revenue by businesses,  traders and hotesl in Kuala Lumpur that would come into millions more.

Frustrated drivers get out of their vehicles at Batu 9, Jalan Cheras-
Kajang to check what is holding up traffic. Traffic literally came to
a standstill at the stretch of the highway due to a police roadblock
to screen vehicles entering Kuala Lumpur.
Pic. courtesy of the NST: Frustrated and pissed off motorist at the Batu Tiga road block
People will remember that Bersih2 was just an Anwar Ibrahim and Pakatan ploy to shore up support ahead of the  General Election. 

Throngs of demonstrators seek
cover after police fire tear gas
near the Puduraya bus terminal.

Bersih2 was a good cause which was completely hijacked by Anwar and Pakatan.

Its a great  pity really for those who got gassed and water jetted by the PDRM.

This is what the NST said:

No winner in this madness

I think Dato' Wong Chun Wai says it best today thru his Column:

No winners, just losers


IT’S becoming tiring for many Malaysians. We are talking about our politicians and supporters regardless of their political affiliations.
Take, for example, the organisers of Bersih 2.0. They need to realise that not all Malaysians are their fans. Not all share their beliefs and decision to stage a rally in Kuala Lumpur.
Their supporters have the right to argue and convince others that it is their constitutional right to protest but, again, do not expect everyone to share their enthusiasm.
When jazz singer Datuk Sheila Majid tweeted: “I am disappointed with all political parties, NGOs and Bersih. There are better ways to approach,” she immediately received a nasty rebuke from a PKR activist who shot her down, saying he used to respect her. She probably lost a fan because of her tweet.
There are enough people who would like to tell them that their protest was illegal and that they should know this is basic law.
Protesters should know better that when you attend a demonstration, it is not going to be a picnic. One should expect to be arrested and hauled into a Black Maria, so let’s not kid ourselves into believing that the cops would give them a red carpet welcome.
Certainly, only a politically naive person, or someone in self-denial, would believe that Datuk S. Ambiga was acting on her own.
Yes, of course, it was not politically motivated. The opposition politicians just happened to be there. Yes, they just bumped into each other at KL Hilton.
In the case of the government, many are also shaking their heads at the authorities’ sledgehammer treatment of Bersih 2.0.
Just weeks ago, not many Malaysians knew who Ambiga was. Thanks to the over-excitement of the authorities, she has become an icon overnight.
And don’t blame Malaysians for being cynical over the claims that communist elements were involved in the rally. More so when those dreamer socialists were said to have T-shirts bearing the names of dead Commie leaders.
Suddenly, Che Guevera, whom many teenagers at Pertama Complex had all this while thought was Bob Marley, was declared dangerous and subversive.
Then there was the obsession with the colour yellow. By the way, there were enough Malaysians who actually believed the Digi Man was arrested by the police, although the e-mailed picture was doctored.
But it was a funny spoof, and I wish there were enough Malaysians with a sense of humour to laugh at the fat yellow man.
Arresting people who wear yellow T-shirts with the word “Bersih” is not going to help the government win votes. Something is wrong with us if we believe revolutions can be launched by wearing yellow T-shirts with the word “Bersih”.
One need not be a rocket scientist to know the political backlash of such an action, even though there may be good security measures.
And the police, trying too hard to be friendly, put on its Facebook pictures of those detained being served with a buffet meal. There were round tables covered with tablecloth. Not bad at all, man!
No wonder there are many people who think a protest in KL is really a stroll on a weekend.
And then there was Perkasa’s Datuk Ibrahim Ali. The man is really comical. After driving enough people into a frenzy with his racist tirade, he decided to stay home. At one point, he claimed he could mobilise 15,000 people. As a face-saving gesture, he declared he would take “a stroll” at Tasik Titiwangsa. It must have been a pretty long stroll. He was probably walking around in circles.
And we can assume everyone would declare themselves winners. Bersih 2.0 will say that they managed to stage a protest despite the police locking down the city.
The authorities, too, will say that they won this round by claiming that the Bersih 2.0 crowd wasn’t as massive as they had expected.
Ibrahim Ali could also declare himself a winner as he could have successfully earned a place in the Malaysian Book of Records for taking the most number of strolls at Tasik Titiwangsa.
Umno Youth’s Patriots can also claim to be winners despite walking barely 200m before being tear-gassed and arrested.
There was another record – Anwar could still post a tweet at 4.40pm that says “undergoing CT scan for injury. Wishing #Bersih all the best.”
How he could take his mobile phone into a CT scan machine is a wonder. The Opposition leader had purportedly fallen during the protest.
Either Malaysians must be very bad in Maths or they are very good at exaggerating. The police said there were only 5,000 protesters whereas Datuk A. Samad Said said 50,000 while the pro-opposition Malaysia Chronicle news portal claimed 100,000 people.
The silat exponents turned out to be a lot of hot air in the end.
The biggest losers were the public who got stuck in horrendous traffic jams. Businesses can count their losses, vendors could not distribute their newspapers, commuters found at least eight LRT stations shut, the city’s cabbies had to stay at home and, worse, terrified city dwellers had to stock up on food unnecessarily.
And taxpayers must certainly be wondering why their money is being spent on bringing so many cops into the city – and serving a buffet meal to law-breakers at Pulapol – when they should be busy catching criminals.
It must be brought to mind that not everyone who supports Bersih 2.0 are pro-opposition. Many middle class urban voters are unhappy about many issues and it won’t hurt the government to listen to them. Don’t give up on them so they won’t give up on the government. Some concerns are legitimate ones that need fixing.
Likewise, Pakatan Rakyat should not misread today’s rally as an endorsement of the Opposition.


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