Friday, 22 July 2011

PDRM released video to explain controversies in Bersih2 illegal demonstration

Finally after some delay the PDRM had released a video of how and where the deceased Allahyarham Baharuddin Ahmad died and showed clearly the accident which injured PAS Deputy President Mat Sabu, watch please and the truth will set you free:

This video is from The Star:

The hype and post Bersih2 stories in the internet has mostly proven to be a lot of crap designed to fool Malaysians to hate the Police and by extension the ruling BN Gomen.

Mat Sabu the PAS Deputy President has been exposed as a blatant liar, the IGP should sue the man for defamation of the good name of the PDRM.

Game Over Mat Sabu hang kena kantoi, Satu Dunia sudah tahu!

Syabas PDRM

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