Monday, 21 December 2015

KPDNKK should not allow people like Ali Tinju to dictate consumer matters

Since been let off by the AG in the Low Yat incidence, Ali Tinju is in the news again this time at Kota Raya Kuala Lumpur :

Why no action against Ali Tinju, asks Guan Eng

Ali Tinju cries ‘extreme’ over disciplinary warning from military vets 

Why didn’t Ali Tinju make a police report instead?

I hope PDRM will do something to this nuisance for breaking the peace or something. Otherwise he may be pushing the envelope a little too far for our comfort.

Also I think the KPDNKK should come up with a public statement on the matter, do not let Ali Tinju to dictate on matters related to consumer issues. 

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