Saturday, 14 November 2015

Tak payah Council of Elders lah Dr Mahathir, its not constitutional

Baru-baru ini my super hero Dr Mahathir got roasted by many people for suggesting a Council of Elders to advise the Prime Minister of Malaysia. 

Dr. Aziz Bari was one of the first to get off  the starting line:

Dr Mahathir’s ‘council of elders’ not constitutional, says law expert

...and not going to miss the chance is Dr Mahathir's prime target the Prime Minister Najib Razak himself:

Najib shoots down Dr Mahathir’s ‘council of elders’ proposal

My question is, if this Council of Elders are unconstitutional what is the status of the various advisors the PM appoint to the PM's office like Shahrizat and a few other Consultants who basically play the role of advisors to the PM or his office? Are they meaning the post they hold Constitutional?

I understand why Dr Mahathir wants a Council of Elders having observed and witnessed first hand what has happened to the office of the Prime Minister after he retired many years ago in 2003.

Though I think his intentions are good, actually I don't agree with Dr Mahathir's suggestion. I think to ensure that a PM behaves in the best interest of the country what we need is:

1. A reform, to time bar the Prime Minister's post to at the most two consecutive terms.

2. A reform, to have mandatory scheduling of the General elections every five years from the previous election date.

I think if leaders do not have to think how long they can serve the country as PM, they can focus more on Good Governance and making our country a great place to live and work.

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