Sunday, 22 November 2015

Musings on a Sunday

I note a few things that each side of the political divide needs to addressed with the public before it overwhelms them in the PRU14 and these are only samples that have reached the surface of of our national conscience, maybe there are more in the next two years or so before the big one in 2018 :

3. The world renowned 2.6B donation from the Pak Arab fella.

and the latest,

4.  Nurul Izzah photograph with the Princess Kiram.

I have always thot that if the Pakatan wants to win the next election all they have to do is to sit back relax and watch as Umno and BN burn themselves with their own problems. Yup and hope to God that Najib still stays as Umno Presiden and PM. 

Of course Pakatan parties need to tone down their rhetorics and start talking and sitting down to solve their differences and above all .......not let the Anwar's family obsession to make the sodomy convict Malaysia's PM, throw a spanner in winning the next election. 

As in the case with Nurul Izzah Anwar meeting with the Kiram Clan princess which to me is a traitorous thing to do...hey Nurul the Kiram Army invaded Sabah lah for God Sake, and as Malaysia elected representative you should know better. Nurul's awesome display of insensitivity to the families of our fallen heroes in Lahad Datu is astounding and Pakatan meek response does not help their quest for Putrajaya at all as this issue is easy to understand by the masses. Expect BN to whack Pakatan on this one all the way to GE14. thank you Nurul for giving BN a much needed lifeline.

But Pakatan can exploit BN too, the belly of the beast is now exposed with the 1MDB scandals, 2.6 Billion donation and YaPEIM power abuses to name a few. The 1MDB scandals is too complex to be understood by the masses well including myself and together with the 2.6 Billion donation both are still being investigated. 

YaPEIM, ok lets call it for what it is ok-a big problem for Umno.... is another matter, it can easily be understood by the masses, maknanya orang-orang Melayu/Bumiputera di luar bandar tu. YaPEIM money is understood to be for the orphan and destitute. Faham-faham lah ye orang Umno...isu YaPEIM ini bahaya untuk persepsi kepada Umno it can easily be manipulated by Pakatan.

Anyway saya terbaca Joceline Tan punya artikel pasal Najib menang... I think many people especially the pro Najib people, Joceline included missed the point of Dr. Mahathir's battles, its nothing to do with his ego or his legacy its about BN continued rule over the country:

Good night and have a productive week.

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