Monday, 24 November 2014

When there is political will, many wonderful things could happen #BanjirRinglet2014

After the recent Ringlet Flood tragedy I posted:

The Gomen and the residents of Cameron Highlands ought to get their act together to avert another #BanjirRinglet2014

Alhamdullilah, I am happy to note that the Government is very serious in tackling the problem...they are sending in the Army and the Police General Force into Cameron Highlands:

Read in full in The Star here

When there is political will, many wonderful things can happen.

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Anonymous said...

Dont forget Bro that this is not the first time . The issue was raised countless time and yet it continue to happened .
Well we all may be glad that the Gomen are sending the Arm Forces and the Police to into the core . But bare in mind there are the 3rd force lurking in the shadow led by the famous " Tunku Wong " .
Now who can beat this " Tunku Wong " ?.
If the gomen cannot get hold of this "Tunku Wong " then all effort will go into the drain . We will be seeing the same incident happening again next year with another life lost .