Sunday, 21 October 2012

Victims to be hung because they killed the intruder who put them in harm's way?

Bloggers Outsyedthebox, Kak Nuraina and Rocky Bru blogged about this story from The Star:

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I wholly agree with the bloggers, I think the decision of the High Court is outrageous, here we have two brothers defending themselves against a intruder, while maybe they used too much force which probably killed the intruder, I think there was no intention to kill, in the heat of the moment what do you expect the two brothers to do but defend themselves from harm's way? Why not charge them with manslaughter instead of murder Tan Sri AG? 

Sending the two brothers to the gallows sends the wrong after this any household in Malaysia just stand and watch intruders forcibly entering our houses and do anything they like? If we hurt the robbers we go to jail and God forbid if the robber get killed, we get hung? 

 I hope the case goes for appeal and pray that the Appeal Courts would make the right decision. I hope the Bar Council get off their high horses talking endlessly about human rights, now is your chance to save the life of the two brothers and show to us Malaysians that the Bar Council is truly apolitical and independent.

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