Friday, 19 October 2012

The AES is good but let not private entities excessively profit from it

Much has been said about JPJ's AES, I believed its a good idea. It will definitely discourage Malaysian drivers who are classified as the worst in this region, from continuously speeding. Why I support AES? Contrary to what some idiot law makers in our country says, Speed kills, excessive speed causes accidents some fatal and many more causes serious permanent injuries. Here is a good paper on the effectiveness of speed cameras:

Read more here
This is an excerpt of the UN's WHO World report on road traffic injury prevention which highlighted speed as a main cause of road accidents:

Read the WHO report in full here
To those out there who thinks that AES should not be implemented, now consider this..have a thought for those who have lost fathers, mothers, daughters and sons due to accidents caused by excessive speeding. The death of bread winners in a family due to road accidents or other causes would push a family into poverty. Its a good thing that the Gomen is holding their ground and had decided to implement the AES despite opposition from Malaysians across the political divide.

Putrajaya says ‘no’ to deferring AES

While I am all for the AES, I think what is said by YB Wee Choo Keong needs to be seriously considered by the BN Gomen:

....if true, then allowing excessive  profiting from the AES is certainly not looking good for the BN Gomen no matter how good the intentions are. The Gomen must show transparency and tell us how much it really cost even though it does not cost the Gomen a single sen. The problem with these 'free' statements are that at the end of the day we taxpayers will ultimately pay for some of the "free' promises. Let us not kid ourselves lah Mr Politicians, there are no such things as a free lunch.

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