Thursday, 21 June 2012

Game Over for Anwar?

In Anwar's quest to occupy the office of the Prime Minister of Malaysia he has had to deal insurmountable odds and obstructions much of which could probably be traced back to himself  but nevertheless I dare say no ordinary human would have survived mentally intact with the long list of pressures placed on his being and by extension his family.....; Court charges for abuse of power and sodomy, prison time, China doll video, the Nallakaruppan Statutory Declaration on his alleged infidelities with married woman and boys, and a host of other declarations. That he has survived and even prospered personally and politically until now at the age of 65 showed tremendous will power and mental strength in the person called Anwar Ibrahim.

However, I think with this latest NST report today, if investigated and found to be true, I seriously think that it is game over for our self proclaimed Prime Minister in Waiting. He could be charged for abuse of power and if found guilty at age 65 he will be sent to prison and any hopes of him becoming our PM will fade into the prison cell where he will be incarcerated. I will shed no tears for this politician though, crime does not pay. 

Read in full here.

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For sure there will be plenty of drama in the coming days and weeks and of course I do not want Anwar Ibrahim to be PM , he carries too much baggage to lead this blessed country of ours. Certainly there are plenty of good people in Malaysia who can lead this country to greater heights.

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