Friday, 22 June 2012

A construction mishap that could be avoided perhaps?

News from The Star which caught my attention:

Workers trapped in wet cement in building mishap
BESUT: Three construction workers were trapped in wet cement for two hours after the roof of a pavilion they were building collapsed in Jertih here.
The incident occurred at about 1pm when cement was being poured onto the roof, causing three supporting pillars of the building, which had been under construction since May 15, to give way.
Crane operator Nasir Zakaria, 38, said he saw the pillars giving way as he was pouring the cement.
Brought to safety: Rescue personnel helping one of three contract workers who were trapped in wet cement for two hours after the roof of a pavilion collapsed in Jertih, Terengganu. — ZABIDI TUSIN / The Star
“Within a couple of seconds, the roof collapsed. Six workers were working at the building at that time. I quickly sought help from nearby residents,” he said.

Residents managed to help Nasir rescue three workers from the rubble. However, three others remained trapped before they were later rescued by the authorities.

Besut OCPD Supt Kamaruddin Mohd Zakaria said the rescue operation started at about 1.40pm.
Big mess: Rescue workers examining the site of the collapse in Jertih.
Indonesian worker Ari Ramlan, 31, was pulled out at about 3.20pm while two others, Bangladeshis Raju, 42 and Zilo, were rescued about 15 minutes later.

Supt Kamaruddin said the workers had been sent to Besut Hospital.

“They did not sustain any serious injuries. We are still investigating the cause of the incident,” he said.
What happened to safety procedures, were they followed? I pray that no lives were lost due to the mishap.

Something however about the collapse of the temporary structure which caught my attention, so I blew up the picture a bit and lo and behold there seems to be no starter bars for the ground floor column.

The investigating authority on the collapse should take a detailed look at the starter bars among others to find out the cause of the sudden collapse which could easily have turned into a tragedy.

Thank You.

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